Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Boy That Cried Wolf

Hi.  I am officially the "boy that cried wolf" in the blogging world.  I was looking over my past few posts (spanning MONTHS) and in every one I apologize for being gone for so long and try to explain where I have been. I also say things are finally slowing down and I am gonna begin blogging again.  I think the reality has finally settled in that things are NEVER gonna slow down, so if I want to blog I'm just gonna have to squeeze it in amongst everything else.  I have missed all my blogging friends so badly, and I often wonder what is going on with all of you.  I am gonna have to play catch up to find out.
As for us here are a few things that have changed.  Lon is still working up a storm, and I have gone to work full time as well.  I am working at a little place in our town called Clarity Spa as a hairstylist, and I LOVE it!  Walker is in kindergarten and doing great, and Connor is in preschool and loves it.  It's soccer season here, and between that and church our evenings are booked.
                                                      (Walker in his soccer uniform)
The boys seem to be growing like weeds.  Every time I turn around I feel like they have grown an inch.  We finally made it to Disney World this summer, and thanks to all your suggestions last year the trip was awesome!
(Here is Connor sporting his ears.)  
Not too much decor has changed around the house.  I've accomplished a few projects and they will probably be the subject of my next few posts.  Which leads me to right back to where I started, posting on this blog... I will be posting again.  I am not going to promise how often, but I am gonna do my best to stop in even if my posts are very brief.  I loved blogging for so many reasons, but one major thing is that it was such a great memory bank for me.  I need it to be that again.  What is it they say?  Something like, "your memory is like swiss cheese, it has a lot of holes."  That is me!  I look back over the past year and can't remember half of what we did, so I will be doing a lot of personal posts.  If you want to follow along with us and see what we are up to, feel welcome. 

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