Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chair Turned Nightstand...

If you have visited my blog often, you know I love to make trash into treasures, and one of my favorite spots to look for stuff to re-do is on the family farm.  On a recent trip I discovered 2 little chairs sitting under a tree.  After asking my mother in law about them, I found out they were hers when she was a little girl.  I immediately asked for them, and as she typically does, she gave them to me with a shake of her head (like I was crazy for wanting them!)  Walker and his little buddy Wyatt were with me, and even Wyatt said, "Ms. Mandi, what are you gonna do with  those junky chairs?" 
Oh ye of little faith!  I took those little chairs and gave them a new lease on life!  I simply peeled off the paper seats and sanded a little, primed, and spray painted them.  I used Rustoleum Red spray paint and modge podged some paper for a new seat.  I have been looking for Connor a small side table for his bed, and the chair worked perfect. 

I used some little hooks I found at the hardware store to hang it, and the other one sits beneath it when Connor isn't using it. So what do you think?  Have you turned any trash into a treasure lately?

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Nancy said...

Oh, gosh! They are so cute now! They are adorable in a child's room. You did a great job!!


Anonymous said...

well first of all....don't stay away from this blog again...I love your blogs and have missed them! love, love, love...wish I had your eye...I look at stuff and think to myself that there is surely something I could turn it int to but nope, nothing clicks...great happy when I saw you had posted! pb

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