Thursday, July 23, 2009

Craft Room Peg-board...

Every craft room should have a pegboard. This is the conclusion I have come to after using mine for the past few weeks. It is probably the most functional part of this room besides the desk. I never knew having supplies at your fingertips could make such a difference in the time it takes to make something and clean it back up.

This was another one of the projects that we got started when my brother in law was visiting. Very simple to do. We bought a piece of 4x4 pegboard at Lowe's. He then screwed 2 pieces of wood to the wall along the studs.
Next he screwed the pegboard into the other boards. ( There has to be space between the pegboard and the wall for the hooks to attach.)

I am a "matchy-matchy" type of person, so I decided I wanted to tie in the color of the craft cabinet (click here to see it) on the other side of the room. I ended up taping off large squares and painting every other one Escape (the same color I used on other projects.)

I had a hard time finding cool hardware to use on it, but the main purpose is function not beauty, so in the end I just got a pack of pegboard hooks from Lowe's for under $10.

Once I got all my stuff piled on it, it looked pretty good. The white shelf you see under it, used to be in an office and held forms. It was on its way to the trash when I saw it and thought it might work here. I didn't paint it or anything. It is all rough and chipped, but I love it just the way it is. It is perfect for my fabric storage.

I miscounted all my projects, so I will be posting about the whole craftroom tomorrow instead of today and putting up pics of the everything then. So what do you think of the checked pattern? I can't decided whether I should paint the whole thing white to match the cabinet holding my fabric, or leave it.
** Update*** I am linking up this post to DIY Thursday at ASPTL, and for those of you wondering, I decided to leave the pegboard as it.


Laura said...

I love the check pattern. Don't paint it white! That color blue is so perfect for your craft room and I think it works so well especially since your entertainment center is that same color. I can't wait for tomorrow. I'm really wanting to create a craft room for myself now!

Anonymous said...

if i ever, ever get a home of my own again i want you to spend a month with me and help me do all of this....i have dreamed of a craft room that is as organized as continue to amaze me!
patti b.

Girl with the Curlz said...

Super cute and how easy. Thanks for the tip on this. Great Idea. I may have the hubs do this for me in our basement. I love the color with the brown. I have a lot of craft supplies this would sure help me organize.

Jenni said...

I like the checks on the pegboard, but you kinda loose the impact of the paint with everything hung on it.

A friend of mine sent me your blog because of your WWWednesday posts -- I'm about 3 weeks in almost 10 pounds down. Enjoying reading your journey.

Kim said...

I just found your blog from WWW posts the other day. I love your craft room! I would keep the peg board the way it is. I love it!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Gorgeous! I wouldn't change a thing!

Chanda said...

How absolutely adorable! I could only wish to be so creative and organized!

Michelle said...

Oh, definitely leave the checks...they look great! Thanks for sharing this project. I've GOT to get my craft stuff organized! I've thought about doing something like this several times but then wondered what I actually wanted to see hanging from the pegs LOL But now your's has definitely give me some inspiration...thank you! Looking forward to seeing more of your craftroom!

Have a great weekend!
(Treasure the Moment)

Kelli said...

I like the pattern. It fits well. Your room seems to be turning out really well and I can't wait to see the finished project. Great work. Oh and I'm thinking of getting some beadboard and putting it on the back of an old bookshelf. Wish me luck.

Finding Home said...

I've never been one for pegboards but after seeing how well everything is displayed on yours, my mind is starting to change. I'm more of a put it away and hide it kind of girl. Looking at the shots of your craft room, I feel like I'm looking into a really cool craft store. It's just so great! And, your pegboard colors match your blog background! Keep the check pattern and colors!

Bama Girl in AZ said...

Wow - that is an awesome space!!!!

Stephanie said...

The grid looks great on the peg board! It ties together really well with the entertainment center. Don't change a thing! Beautiful work.

Tonya said...

Holy Shoot that's awesome! And what do you mean about its purpose being function not beauty....I LOVE how it looks! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Absolutely adorable!! Love the checkboard. :) Visiting from Kimba's party. :)

Pam @ This Humble House said...

Love the checkerboard! Good job!

Jill said...

Yep, I'm totally doing this one! LOVE it!

Sunny said...

I love the two colors - it makes it so fun. All your stuff there makes me want to come over and craft! Looks great! Stopping by from ASPTL...I guess I should've said hey first!

jskell911 said...

That looks fantastic! I would love to have a craft corner like that one.

Becky said...

What a great craft room. Your peg board is amazing! I can't imagine having such a neat thing to keep me organized. Well done!!

Brooke said...

Love this... thanks for the inspiration- I made myself a yellow peg board for my Crafice (Craft room/office)

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