Thursday, July 2, 2009

Flower Power...

One of my very best friends visited last weekend, all the way from Kentucky. She and her family go to Hilton Head every summer, and they come a day or so early to spend time with us. We always love the little bit of time we get to spend together, but this time was extra special. I got to meet Baby Claire! Claire is only 6 weeks old, and let me tell you, I got in some serious snuggling. I had made her a few flower clips and headbands, and wanted to share them with you, so we had a little photoshoot. Enjoy!

Staci and I were roommates in college, and I have grown to know and love her family over the years too. Staci's Mom (Mimi) is one of those women that NEED a blog. She is a crafter, has a beautiful home, and goes all out for holidays. This headband I made with Mimi in mind for the 4th of July! It will look so cute with Claire's little patriotic outfit.

Oh the flower power goodness I sprinkled on this little girl. She is such a doll! Here are a few pictures of Claire's room. Staci and Mimi have made her the most beautiful nursery.
This is the little pillow I made her. It sits in the chair in her nursery. I also made her a sock monkey, and she loves it.
I hope this post gave you a "girl fix". I don't think my blog has ever seen so much pink, but I love it!


Staci Griffey said...

Love it!!! Hope your vacation is going wonderful:)

Letti said...

That nursery is beautiful. I love the colors.

Tara said...

I LOVE the baby headbands! 16 years ago when my oldest daughter was a baby, my philosophy was... the bigger & more colorful the baby headband, the better! I would've totally gobbled these headbands up back then!

Darling nursery! Love the green with the pink. And the polka dots - too cute!

The Hat Chick said...

Gosh she is cute!! And those headbands are superior....have you ever made a hat (for us big girls, not the baby)?

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