Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Connor's Birthday Shirt...

Today was Connor's 3rd birthday. We had him a little party at his pre-school, and we will have a family party tomorrow night. I'll post about that tomorrow, but for now I wanted to share a cute t-shirt design!

I have started a tradition of sorts by making the boys a t-shirt to wear on their birthdays. For Walker, since he was getting a puppy this year, it was a dog-themed shirt. For Connor, I really didn't have a theme, so I had a little fun with it.
I was gonna just do a big number 3, but decided a cake would be more fun. This was really quite simple. Since he is 3, I gave the cake 3 tiers, and 3 candles on top. I think 3 is probably the limit on this, but a double decker cake with 2 candles would be really cute for a 2 year old.
First off, I free handed my design on the paper side of the Heat-n-Bond.
I then choose my fabrics and ironed the Heat-n-Bond to the fabrics.
Next I cut out my shapes and laid them out on the shirt.
I did the cakes and candles first, then ironed on the "icing" and flames last.
I used a terry cloth material for the "icing" and fleece for the flames, simply because it was what I had on-hand. Those 2 fabrics made the t-shirt so much cuter and gave it a great texture.
I used the no-sew variety of Heat-n-Bond, and it specifically says not to sew it, so I am anxious to see how it holds up. I doubt it will ever be worn again, but Connor sure enjoyed wearing it today!Everyone loved it, especially Connor. I hope you make one! If you do send me a pic. I'd love to see what you come up with!


Stacie said...

If you lived any closer that poor boy's cheeks would be bruised--he is so stinkin' cute I just want to pinch him! Glad he had a good b-day.

Heather L. said...

Super cute!!! He looks so happy =) I can put that on my list of things I want to do - maybe by Carter's first bday in 3 months?

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

Cute, cute, cute! Happy birthday to Connor!

Girl with the Curlz said...

Happy Birthday Connor!! So cute. Love the t-shirt.

The Hat Chick said...

Happy Birthday Conner! That shirt is almost as cute as that red hair!

BlueCastle said...

Oh Mandi, this looks terrific! Great idea. I am adding this to my list of things to make. :)

Our Family said...

What a precious shirt! I hope Connor and your family had a fun time celebrating his birthday!

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