Monday, November 30, 2009

Window Turned Menu Board...

Hey friends! I've missed you all! Sorry for the long and unexpected departure. I was in TN all last week celebrating Thanksgiving with my family and I intended to post some , but obviously never got around to it. I hope you had a wonderful holiday! We sure did, but it is always good to get back home.

I hit the ground running this morning, but still feel so behind! It always feels that way when I get back home after a long trip. All of my Christmas decor is sitting in the middle of the family room, and I just can't commit to what I want to do where, so after ho-humming around, I decided to abort that mission all together and work on something completely un-related to Christmas decor.I have had several projects in the "almost finished" stage, and I finally got one completed. Here it is!

I turned this old window I had into a menu/grocery list dry erase board. Originally, I was gonna paint "Welcome to our home" on this window and hang it on the front porch, but the paint kept peeling off. I decided today to just turn it the other way and try some vinyl letters on it. It is just the right size, and I am already using it.

Here it is before:

I planned on painting the window, but after sanding it a little, I fell in love with the finish and left it alone.
For the marker, I got a pack of 2 for under $2 at Wal-Mart, and I just wrapped some rope around the end of the marker and glued it in place.Then I used a big nail to attach it to my window. Easy Peasy.
I probably won't leave it on the wall it is pictured on. My breaker box is there, but I wanted to hang it up and get a few pictures for you.
I used my Cricut to cut the vinyl letters for the top, then I used some rub-on letters I had for the days of the week. I decided to just use the first initial of each day.
There you have it. One project finally done! Now if I can just get motivated to deck the halls with Christmas stuff I'll really be doing good! I am gonna post this at:



kirstin & jordan said...

I LOVE this... I love using old windows as decor! Great job!

mom2maya said...

How cute! What a great idea!!

Heather L. said...

Love it! It's perfect!

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

How clever!

jenjen said...

What a fun idea. I love the peeling paint too!


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Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

please, please, please come make one of these for me. Please? I really need one and I know exactly where I will hang it. please?

Marla Taviano said...

Love, love, LOVE! I have several old windows on my walls already. May have to do this. Thanks for the idea!!

Anonymous said...

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