Saturday, December 6, 2008

Connor's 2!

Well, to be accurate, Connor turned 2 on Mon. December 1st. As I'm sure you remember, we were travelling so I did not have access to my pics to do his birthday post. We are having his birthday party today, so I'm just gonna post about my little man now.

For a quick recap, Connor is the first red-head in our family for generations. Walker is dark blond, Lon and I both have very dark hair, and no siblings, parents, or grandparents have red hair either. When Connor was born, we heard him before we really saw him. He screamed nonstop for the first 30 mins or so of his little life. When they got him cleaned up and we saw that red hair,WE WERE SHOCKED! We have since realized he has that "red-headed" temper, and it has held true these past 2 years. He is very sweet, and generally easygoing, but when he reaches his breaking point WATCH OUT!

Since I am one of those geeky people that love fun facts, I thought I would share a few that I have found about red-heads:

-Genetically, red hair is a recessive trait, which means it can hide in genes and pop up several generations later. Two redheads would most likely have a red haired child (RR). To have a redheaded child both parents must carry the red hair gene. (This would be our case since we both have red headed ancestors that our grandparents remember a hundred years back.)
-The red hair pigment is called pheomelanin. The gene is melanocortin 1 receptor.
- In France, to be redheaded is thought to be a fate so dire that some women have formed a Proud to be Red association.
- Percentages of redheads in different countries range from single digits to a fraction of 1 per cent -- a recent estimate for France is 0.03 per cent of people. (A 1977 estimate for North America is 4 per cent) Redheads generally are more numerous in northern latitudes, but also turn up among Hungarians, Egyptians, Israelis and certain Nigerian tribes.
- The Redhead Encyclopedia, a book devoted to the study and celebration of the flame-haired, says that if one parent has red hair, there's a 50% chance the gene will be passed to the children. If one or two parents aren't redheaded but carry the gene, there is a 25% chance of having a ginger child.
- Ancient Greeks died their hair red to show courage.
-Ginger superstitions include… “it's lucky to rub your hand on a redhead's head”, “bees sting redheads more often”.
-Aging Redheads don't turn grey. First the hair turns a blondish color then white.
-Red-heads are said to experience more pain, thus needing more anesthesia.

-Red-heads have the least number of hairs on their heads, but it appears thick because the individual strands of hair are very thick.

(I got all these facts from here, and there were lots more!)

And since I just can't bare to post without some pictures, here are a few of my favorites from the past 2 years...

His hair was WILD until he was about 1.
He is always so inquisitive.
Loves animals, like Walker.
Man I need to get this boy to the dentist HAHA!
I just love this one.

This sprite was as big as him!
Sleeping with his blankie he still carries.
Man time flies! Gotta get ready for the party. My sister gave me a recipe for some hot dog chili, and I have never tried to make it, so I better get to making!


Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Hi Mandi! How are you? I feel like it's been forever since I've got a chance to write to you back. Grr. I hate that we don't have a computer at our house. Last Saturday (our washing machine breaking) so put me behind in everything. Arg. Our laundry room is still a nightmare. Grr.

So much has happened in our life! First off, Happy Birthday Connor! What a qt he his!!! My cousin has red hair ... no one that we can remember has red hair in our it must be that recessed gene thing. When she was little, her family lived in Japan (they were missionaries) and the people there were always oohing and ahhing over her red hair - always wanting to hold her. Those facts you wrote were neat!

I loved the tassels you made! I actually have that same Santa from the Dollar Store up in my house right now. :) I've wanted so badly to try my had at tassels...but I think I should invest in a glue gun first. :) Yours turned out so cute!!

I'm so sorry to hear about your doggie. I know that is such an awful pain. We lost our 8 year old dog, Duke, in May. He had about 10 seizures in less than 24 hours. We had to put him was so incredibly hard. I hope you're doing okay. Here's a *hug*.

I'm so so excited that you got a Cricut!! Have you used yours yet? I'm a total lame-o and haven't yet. I just haven't had the time. Arg. I would love to see your projects and to see how you are doing with yours. Maybe we can learn the tricks of the trade together? I'm hoping to make some neat signs for my sisters for Christmas. We are really tight for funds this month so Christmas is going to be a little hard. But with my Cricut I'm planning some neat ideas. Maybe when I'm done with them I can email you pix?? I'd post them but my sis and mom read my blog. :) Also, what Yankee Candles did you get?? I'm so inlove with the Shortbread Cookie one!!

Well, I've left you a novel! Hope you're doing great. Talk to you later!!

edie said...

Happy Birthday Connor!

Tricia said...

Love the bootie shot with the "life is great" on it. Too cute! Hope Connor's party went well!

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