Monday, December 15, 2008


Well the joke was on me this weekend! I knew I was going to TN to spend time with my family for my 30th birthday, but I had NO IDEA that my sister had planned an AWESOME SURPRISE PARTY for me!!! I am a hard one to pull things over on. I am very inquisitive and always ask a million questions. Not this time. I took the weekend for what it was, and got the surprise of a lifetime.

The day started just as was told it would, Wendi took me shopping and then she treated me to a spa package. (Yes, you can be jealous. I have the best little sis in the WHOLE WORLD! No reason to debate it!!) After the spa we headed home to get ready for dinner. Here's how they got me, I was told we were going to pick up my sister in law at a Christmas party on our way to dinner. BUT... when we walked into the "Christmas" party the joke was on me!!

This is Wendi...
This is right after I arrive and was "crowned" and given a boa. The boys loved the boa!

This is my girlfriend Jenn, and her precious little man Jack. He had a great time at the party. Look how tired he is from running around after all the other kids!
The boys helping me blow out my candles. Good thing they didn't light 30 candles. We had a hard enough time blowing out these!

I could not believe how many people came, and how far so many of them had travelled to celebrate with me. The party was catered by Divine Delicacies, and if you are gonna have a party in the Tri-Cities area I would highly recommend them.

After the party, to top off the evening, Wendi had rented rooms at The Meadowview so we could have a good old fashioned slumber party. It was so much fun to catch up with some of my old girlfriends from high school and the sorority. Living in SC I really miss all of them.
I truly do have the best friends and family. I am blessed beyond measure and I can not put into words what this weekend meant to me. My sister worked so hard on it, and I will always treasure the memory of turning 30! I hope you also had a phenomenal weekend!


edie said...

Happy Birthday Mandi!!! What a beautiful cake and so nice of your sis to make your weekend special. I'll have to tell you the sad story of my 30th birthday sometime. Let's just say that I'd trade 30th birthdays with you anyday!

Tricia said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend and how fun that it truly was a surprise! {I too always ruin a surprise by asking too many questions!} I'm jealous of your awesome sis. Something tells me that none of my little brothers will ever throw me a cool party.

My tassels turned out really cute {well, at least I think they did}. I plan on doing a post about them soon and linking to you for all your awesome help. :) I hit the jackpot at Hobby Lobby and found 5 bags stuffed with trim remnants...all marked at 1.00 each! I now have a shoe box full of trims to make tassels with! I made myself stop though b/c those things are addicting and fun to make! Thanks for sending the link to the tutorial.

edie said...

Send me an email with your address and I'll send you the book. It is wonderful and it can be my little love gift to you. The only Lutheran you least the only blonde, southern one with heavily applied makeup!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Hey Mandi! Happy Belated Birthday! What an awesome surprise party! A spa day and all. And girl, I LOVE your sweater! Can I ask where you snagged it at?

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Wow! What an awesome weekend. I love my sisters, they are the best gift I've ever gotten! Sounds like you have one of those too!

Happy Late Birthday Mandi!!!

Love ~ Amanda

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