Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Quicktake...

Okay that title is SSSSOOOOO not accurate. This is actually Christmas in a TON of pictures and a few tidbits, but we have been on permanent Christmas vacation since Dec. 23. I am gonna share a few highlights.

Santa comes to our house on the night of Dec. 23. At this point the boys are still young enough to not know the days on a calendar, so it still works. This is Walker putting out the cookies he made on Santa's plate. I LOVELOVELOVE this cookie plate Sandy got me. It will be used every Christmas going forward!

Walker was so pleased with all that Santa left...

But the biggest hit was the rollercoaster. Here's Con getting some serious speed!
The biggest problem was getting them to take turns. Here they are about to go down together.

This is Mama and Papa (Lon's Grandparents). I love them beyond words! They come over Christmas to see the boys get their Santa gifts, along with Nana and Jerry, and Uncle Paul. I make breakfast and then we all watch the boys tear into their gifts.
My camera was on the fritz, so I didn't get too many good pictures, but Santa left me a Wii Fit and Nana and Jerry got me a new bike for my get fit plan in '09. I must have been REALLY GOOD!
The rest of Christmas Eve I pack and get ready for TN. Christmas Eve night we go to Mama and Papa's to exchange gifts with Lon's side of the family. This year the boys were really into opening.

Walker was tired of opening, so he sat with Uncle Paul and Nana and read his new dinosaur book.
We immediately go home, unload the gifts, and reload our luggage and head to TN for our Christmas with my side of the family. This is the mess in my den that I have to look forward to when we get home...

Connor in his pjs eating Nonnie's homemade strawberry jam. This is how he likes start his mornings at Nonnie and Pop's, with a sugar high.
Nonnie cooks a big lunch and that is when all of us eat and exchange gifts. Cooking obviously takes a little longer with this little guy around.
Uncle Brett had ACL surgery last week, so we were glad he was able to hobble to Mom's. Needless to say, he was king for the day.

I really want the boys to learn the importance of giving and community, so Mom, Britt, Connor and I headed to a nursing home with some gifts for some residents. Mom thought of this and called ahead to get the names of people that don't really get visitors. This ended up being such a blessing.
Connor was a real hit. Somehow they all wanted to give him stuff.

This little lady wanted a present and we didn't have an extra one, so Connor gave her his Santa hat. She was thrilled.
I could have included so many more pictures here, but I know this post is long enough already. I have never seen people so thankful for a little human contact. When we hugged them they would cry and were just so thankful. This is something I plan on doing every year going forward.
When we got back to Nonnie and Pop's house it was time to open gifts. Poor Wewe didn't have a chance. The boys were tearing into her stuff left and right. She still probably doesn't know what all she got!

So one tradition we have, is every year I take the boys to the Dollar Tree and let them pick out everyone a gift. This is becoming something we all look forward to. Here is Uncle Richard in his Red hairpiece Connor got him.

Pop loved his bling bling necklace Walker got him. Walker was so excited when he saw it. He said, "Poppy will LOVE this!" Sure enough he did. Too bad it broke before poker night.
Britt loved her orange hair. I think it brought back her UT cheerleader days.
Uncle Brett seems to have liked Britt's hairpiece more than his princess stamps. I just don't understand it HAHA!

Lon got a "Holiday 5-pack". The joke was lost on me since I seem to be the only person in the known world to have not seen the Heineken commercial.
Britt loved the boys Crazy Car.

At the end of the day we were all exausted. Of course the boys snotty noses and coughs have returned. We always travel the next day to see my Mom's side of the family outside Nashville, but between the coughing, Mom's dryer going out, and sheer exhaustion, we decided not to travel for the weekend and to stay put instead. I hate we missed out on the fun that I'm sure everyone had, but I just don't think it would have been do-able. We are gonna make it to Nashville next month when we can stay longer than 24 hours.

Since Lon had to return to work, we are just hanging out at Nonnie and Pop's until the NEW YEAR. I have been spending the time relaxing and catching up with old girlfriends from High School. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday, and I will begin blogging regularly again in the new year. I have LOTS of resolutions, as per usual!

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