Sunday, April 5, 2009

Best of the Week...

1.Walker has learned his address. Probably not a big deal, but I think it is the cutest thing ever!
2. Lon teaching the boys how to take pictures. They are using a little digital camera I used to use, and they ALWAYS come out with their fingers in them.
3. Having a Beaufort Boil for supper. YUM!!
4. Connor and his crazy self wearing his Handy Manny goggles, and my bicycle helmet.
5. Hunting for Easter eggs at Mama's.
6. Walker telling the man at the tire store that "Mommy's car is pooped out." We thought our brakes were messing up on the Armada.
7. Playing outside, in the rain, just because we could.
8. A Wisteria bush that I did not even know I had is blooming, and it is beautiful. (This is our first spring in our house, so new things are blooming all over the place.) 9. Toni came over and brought the kids. They had a blast, and we even moved the rollercoaster outside for its maiden voyage.
10. Walker and Connor enjoying their Dollar Tree surprises to the fullest. A Whoopie Cusion, and a 3-D dinosaur book that included some cool 3-D glasses. Best spent $2 that I can remember.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite shots from "Onnor" (as she calls him) and Mary Grace's driving adventure...
Hope you had a great week!


The Smith Family said...

I LOVE all your pictures!! The boys are so cute. I love all the outside pics with the green grass. All we have here are brown rocks :(

Good job Walker for learning his address. That is something I should teach Colten!!

Shannon said...

Loved all the pics!! Too cute!

Bryce's momma said...

I love seeing your "best of" each week! We have the same roller coaster in the "baby version". Bryce got it for his birthday. He says, "uh,uh,uh,go! Which translates 1,2,3,go! lol He loves it! I, also love Wysteria. What a fabulous surprise! I planted a vine and the cost of $120. (Bad investment) It has bloomed a little, but as it goes, it takes that stuff years to be the gorgeous vines. My husband was stationed in Beaufort, SC when he was recalled to the marine corp. Do you love near there? I noticed that you talked about the Beaufort boil. I LOVE the last pic. Isn't it great to see them play with friends? They adore them!

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