Sunday, April 26, 2009

Best of the Week...

What a week! We just got home and unloaded the car. Needless to say I am waist deep in stuff that needs to be unpacked, but here I sit blogging instead of climbing the mountain of suitcases. As you can see, my priorities are clearly in order. As promised, this is gonna be a post full of pictures and highlights from our little vacation to TN.

We went back to the Dinosaur Museum that Walker was so afraid of in November. He loved it this time. He knew what to expect, so was not so scared. Connor really enjoyed the sand display they had and loved digging for fossils.
The condos we stayed at had an indoor pool and waterslides, so we spent a lot of time in the pool. Walker loved riding on Lon's back and pretending Lon was a dolphin. They are getting increasingly brave around the water. Connor really enjoyed jumping in the water "by myself", Mr. Independant.

We also went to Rainforest Adventure. This was a lot of fun since the boys love animals so much. They had a huge number of reptiles on display, but they also had a pretty good outdoor area with kangaroos, emus, goats, and sheep.

Dixie Stampede was one of the highlights for me. It was a little pricey, but Walker was really in his element. He cheered and jumped around like a little mad man. Connor was not so sure about all the country music. As you can see he plugged his ears quite a bit. The food was great, and while that apple turnover at the end of the meal was definitely NOT on my Weight Watchers plan, it was incredible, YUM!

We spent one afternoon at a Funpark so Lon and Pop could ride go-carts. I think the boys enjoyed watching them race even more than they enjoyed doing it. Walker rode some of the rides, and Connor even got on a couple, but he didn't enjoy them like Walker did. I had my Starbuck's in hand, so I was one happy camper.

We had some of our good friends come and visit one evening. Their little girls are really close to the boys in age, and they always have so much fun together. Walker was asleep when they got there, so Addi decided to wake him up by jumping on the bed. It worked! Walker and Addi also love to wrestle. This was the first time Hub (Addi's dad) had seen this and he could not stop laughing at how Addi held her own with Walker.
Putt- putting was a complete waste of money, but it was fun to walk the course. Lonnie and Pop actually played the whole thing, but Walker and Connor were done after a couple holes. They preferred exploring the course to actually playing on it.

At the end of the week we were just hanging out at Nonnie and Pop's house in TN. The boys spent some time in the yard with their cousins and some neighbors. They played in the waterhose and rode the tricycle. We went to the park one afternoon and they loved exploring, running, and climbing.

Connor worked on his cartwheels in the backyard. Talk about cute! Aunt Wewe also sent them a surprise package to Nonnie's house and we got it while we were there. Con is obsessed with monster trucks right now. She sent them some of the cutest dvds with monster trucks in them, thanks WEWE! Walker found his first ever rolie polie and they were both mesmerized!!
If you made it all the way through this post you deserve a gold star. I know it was long and there were TONS of pictures, but I had such a fun week I wanted to share the highlights with you. I hope you had a fantastic week, and I can't wait to start catching up on all the blog reading I missed last week.


Blue Castle said...

Dixie Stampede sounds like so much fun! Glad you all got to have such a nice trip. Looks like you had fun. :)

Stacie said...

Looks like you all had a great time--and I love the photos! Remember the old days when we had to drop them off and wait for them to be developed? I love digital!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

How fun!! I agree with your tactics...just ignore the suitcases and laundry...blogging is much more fun! :)

The Hat Chick said...

I don't know what I move more.... the matching shorts or the roly-poly. Glad you're back safely and had fun.

Staci Griffey said...

Sounds like such a fun week! Love all the pictures:)

The Smith Family said...

Colten would Love..Love..Love..the dinosaur museum. That looks like so much fun!

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