Sunday, April 12, 2009

Best of the Week...

1. I have got a good start on some of my spring yardwork. They boys are great little helpers and make a HUGE mess of everything, but they sure are having fun!

2. Connor has started telling me "Momma, I wubba (love) you." at the most random times. Well I wubba him too!

3. Walker loves the jokes on popsicle sticks. I think he eats them just so he can get told the corny joke when he's done.

4. Hunting Easter eggs 5 times this week. Yes I said 5 times.

5. The boys getting to color eggs the old fashioned way with Lonnie and Mama (Lon's grandma) while I was sick.
6. A fun day at the river.
7. Walker FINALLY catching some chickens on his own. He is so very proud of this accomplishment.
8. Both boys staying in "big church" instead of the nursery and being very good.

9. Spending a day shopping with Mama and the boys.

10. Watching "Racing Stripes" as a family. We all enjoyed it.
11. Connor sporting these pants and linen shirt for Easter and never thinking twice about it. I LOVE these pants, no one else seems to though. He'll probably hate me for this one day!
Walker questioned his pants, but Con either ignored him or just knew how cute he looked! HA!

I hope you had a fantastic week too!


Stacie said...

Connor's pants wouldn't look half as cool without the hair! I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

love the pants....they just fit his it....he'll always be the one to wear great and different stuff and never care what people think!!! good for fun....Walker should always wear blue....he looks so precious! have a good week....pb

Jennifer Hamilton said...

So I want Con's pants for Jack Jack! I just bought him an Ed Hardy tshirt (gasp, I know) but it was on sale...and oh it would look so cute with those pants!! Love it!! :) Oh, and where are they from?

Blue Castle said...

I love that red hair! His pants are adorable. I wanted to buy some like that for my oldest when he was around that age, but my husband refused. Oh well. I think they're cute. :)

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