Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Little Paint...

A little paint makes a big difference! I have been doing some work in Connor's room and thought I would share my progress. I'll start at the beginning so you understand all the details. We moved to this house about 10 months ago. At the time Con was still in his crib, so I made his room a nursery. Since I did not know exactly what I was gonna do for his "big boy" room,which was just around the corner, I basically took down the wallpaper and painted the room the same color as the rest of the house, Sherwin Williams M0nroe Bisque. I loved the color, but in hindsight felt it needed something more fun for a little boy's room.

Here is how it looked before we started: Can I just tell you that the wallpaper in this room came off I was so sick of taking down wallpaper that I had nightmares about it.

On Tuesday I decided to paint one of the walls blue and add him a blue monogram. I got my paint at Wal-Mart for $3 on the clearance aisle. I guess someone else didn't like it after it was mixed, but it was perfect for me.
Now that we have transitioned him into his big boy bed, I am still putting the room together. I think the colors in here are fantastic and I love the Pottery Barn A to Z bedding, but I have to keep the bed (a full size) all the way against the wall for safety reasons, and the shelves are not quite right for the space. They were great at our other house, but everything about this room's layout is different.

Here is his rocking chair. This was from the farm and my mother in law and I refinished it a few years ago. It was actually stuffed with straw in the seat.
This is his armoire and some pictures I got from several different places. Nonnie got him that monkey clock from Home Interiors because she calls him her little monkey.

This is where I put the monogram I did for him the other day. I think it pulls in the blue from the accent wall. That Raggedy Andy doll was my Mom's as a kid and I played with him too.
This wall is my trouble spot. I need something bigger or to move around things, but I haven't quite put my finger on it yet. Any suggestions? This whole room is layed out completely different from the original nursery in our other house, so I am not as pleased with some of his decor.

I had oodles of these paper lanterns from my mother in law's wedding, so I decided to put some of them up for another punch of color. I just hung them with fishing wire and a thumb tack.

Walker wants to hang all the pink ones in his room. I just don't know if pink paper lanterns will go with his Western room. I'll probably end up letting him hang a couple until he gets tired of them. He can be so persuasive.
I still have to make a bedskirt for the bed, and have a couple other projects I am working on, but I will keep you posted. What do you think of the progress so far?


Stacie said...

I think it looks great--I love all of the fun primary colors. I agree that the big wall to the side of the bed needs something, but I'm not sure what, maybe large color blocks of some sort?

Anonymous said...

Mandi, I am a stalker (don't freak out) and enjoy your creativity. I have a suggestion for your "trouble spot" as you called it. I am a HUGE fan of vinyl lettering/word/quotes on walls. Etsy has a treasure trove of options. They come in all colors and you can get a custome phrase or one that is already ready for purchase. If you don't like it, just peel it off. I promise it comes off WAY easier than your wallpaper did! :) Just a suggestion!

mommax3 said...

I LOVE this room! You have done a wonderful job with all the colors.

Maybe you could paint,stencil or ? the alphabet on the big wall? Just a thought. I have been thinking about doing that on my 4year olds wall, just haven't done it yet

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

What an adorable room! are one busy little bee. Always a project going on.

BTW, you look FABULOUS in the picture you posted the other day! Way to go Mandi. You should be so proud of yourself!

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Mother's Day.


Bryce's momma said...

First of all, it is way cute! You have done a fab job. I can't think of anything much cause I have the same issue in my den. What about (thinking with the budgetin mind) some of those big poster frames in primary colors with some of their hand painting in them, with primary colors too. Like Con or Walker could draw an airplane or something from the farm. Just a thought... Tell us what you decide. I haven't gotten any books yet from my letters, but maybe I will. I held mine for a while. I t took me forever to send it. Hope that you get lots.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

What an incredibly fun room! The colors are so wonderful. When I scrolled down and saw the "after" photo, I was just so floored. It looked like something from a magazine. So wonderful.

Thanks so much for your encouragement about the craft show. It was a crazy day but in the end, we sold some thing which made us happy.

I hope you have an absolutely wonderful mother's day and that you feel totally cherished for the awesome mom you are.

MaryCatherine said...

Wow...that is an awesome little boys room! I am so impressed...can't wait to lurk around some more :)

The Hat Chick said...

Since I have 3 unfinished projects, I am not qualified to offer any advice. But I luv that monogram!

Blue Castle said...

I love his room! It looks so good. You did a fantastic job. Love the lanterns.

melissa said...

Miss Mandi~I love the colors and those paper lanterns! What a great room!

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