Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weight Watchers Wednesday Week 16

It's Weight Watchers Wednesday (actually Thursday) Week 16, and I had a loss of .2 lbs. which makes a running total of 28.7 lbs. Not a noteworthy loss this week, but any loss is good. This is not gonna be my regular WWW post because I am travelling and don't have access to my recipes, etc. But I did want to atleast keep you posted on my progress. Yet another week of not making my food choices a priority, but I hope to do better when we get back home. We are visiting family in TN for the Memorial Day weekend.

It is always a little harder to eat right when I travel, but I figure as long as I eat a low point breakfast and lunch, then I can splurge a little on dinner. That is the methodology I will be following this week.
I hope all my other WW buddies did great this week and had HUGE losses. I look forward to hearing from you.


Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I've totally slacked off on WW. And I'm so unhappy that it's tee shirt/shorts weather and I'm not ready. I'm now ready to get back into shape and get back on track. I'm happy that I am not growing out of the clothes that I bought after loosing...but I think I got far too excited about loosing and sort of stopped. So, I'm going to start back up again. And I'm excited! Keep up the good work Mandi. Your Wednesday posts are always my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Hey found your blog through Just a Girl. Good job on your WW progress. Keep it going. Holidays and traveling have to be the hardest, I think, because we get out of our normal routine. Good job.

E and T said...


I have come across from Just a Girl and am so happy that I did.

I have enjoyed oooohing and aaaahing at your makeovers that you have done throughout your place. You have done such a brilliant job.It must be something in the air, as I am also in the process of doing a big spring clean and trying to transform areas of our house as well.

Congratulations on your weight loss. This is a wonderful achievement that takes so much discipline.


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