Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Refinished Ottoman...

I have been meaning to join in on the Trash to Treasure Tuesdays over at Reinvented for a while now, so today I am gonna share a weekend project. I have this ottoman/storage cube that I got from Target months ago. It is pleather (fake leather) and was on clearance for $12. Within a day of having it my little men had popped the buttons off the top, but I kept it because it functioned well.
I finally decided I was tired of looking at the eyesore and decided to try my hand at upholstering it. Here are the steps and mis-steps that I took.
First off, I didn't plan ahead so I had to use fabric from other projects. The bottom fabric was from my window mistreatments, the top was from some pillows I made and some other old khaki fabric I had in the bin.

I started on the bottom and stapled all the way around. I wanted it to have ruffles, so I just folded and stapled, folded and stapled.
Next I cut the khaki fabric to size and my hubby stapled while I pulled it as tight as I could.
I felt like it was a little to plain, so I added decorative nails around the outside. I still felt it needed something, and this is where things start to go bad for my little ottoman. I decided to do a freezer paper stencil of a fleur de lis.

Sounded like a good idea, until I realized the only paint I had was spray paint. Um, not my smartest move. How about those edges? Not in the plan.

Now what? I made it even worse by trying to attach some ribbon to hide the paint. My hubby is so insightful. He looks at it and says, "I think it's getting a little over done." Connor must have thought so too since he pulled the ribbon off as soon as I looked away.
Alas, I added the fabric I originally wanted to use in a patch over the whole hot mess of a fleur de lis. I used spray adhesive in the center and heat n' bond for the edges.
I think I like it. It has lasted 3 days, which is longer than the other ottoman. What do you think about it?


Nicole @ BugaBoos said...

This looks Great!! Awesome! I love that fabric!

The Hat Chick said...

I thought the overspray was an intentional frame. I was loving it. I love it when something can be saved....great job!

Kimm at Reinvented said...

I think it's awesome! I like the two patterns together. Sometimes when you're fixing a "mistake" you end up with something even better! Thanks for linking up!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I think it looks great!

Melissa said...

Fancy shmancy! What a talented gal you are.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I love the trim...the nail head type trim. So classy! I actually happened to like the fluer di lies (sp??) but maybe in person it wasn't the best choice. Either way girl, pat yourself on the back. You did a fabulous job!

Blue Castle said...

It looks great. Really. You did a great job - nice save, too. :)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I think it's great how you can repurpose something like that! Way to go! :)

Paul said...

You are really talented. I love both ways!!!


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