Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween Goodies...

I did not realize how busy the holidays become when you have kids in school. My boys are only in pre-school, but they each have field trips, parties, and 2 Trunk or Treats to attend. I have been working on some Halloween goodies in an effort to get ahead of the game.

As always, I am trying to be very economical (a.k.a. CHEAP), expecially since we also get hundreds of trick or treaters through our neighborhood. Here are some of the things I am making this week, or have already made in preparation that are cost effective, but still have the cute factor.

For the kids in my Sunday School class, I made these super simple ghosts. I'm sure you have seen these before, but if not they are a Super BlowPop covered in white tissue paper and I added googley eyes and a mouth. This project for cost me $3 for 12 ghosts. I got all my supplies at the Dollar Tree. Love THEM!
For Connor's class I am making these Bat covered Hershey's bars. I got this idea from my friend Amy who saw it online. I found a tutorial for them at Skip To My Lou, and if you follow this link you can find the tutorial as well as the printable pdf.
(picture courtesy of Skip to My Lou)
For Walker's class I am making popcorn hands because he wanted to do something he could help with. This is a simple and really cute craft. You have to make sure you get food prep gloves though because some gloves contain latex and lots of people are allergic to that. All you do is pop your popcorn and let it cool. Place one piece of candycorn in each finger for fingernails. Fill the bag with popcorn and then tie them off with a rubberband and some ribbon. I am gonna add a spider ring to mine, but that is optional. If you don't want to make them yourself, you can buy them on ETSY from this seller.
So now you know a little bit of what I have been up to. I had a hot date with Lonnie last night that included 4 haunted houses. I HATE haunted houses. He LOVES haunted houses. Oh the things we do for love. Anyway, that finally got me motivated to get ready for Halloween. What are you making for Halloween Parties? I'd love to know what has worked well for you, especially for young children. Any suggestions?


Ms Bibi said...

These are great ideas.

For my kids parties I made Halloween iced sugar cookies shaped like pumpkins and ghosts with kids names on them.
I also do candle apples. I buy the smallest apples available so they are perfect kiddie size.

Heather L. said...

So cute! I can't believe how crafty you've been - I'm jealous! I'll file those away for next year when my youngest actually sleeps at night (he's almost 8 months old and a terrible sleeper!). My crafting mojo is gone lately because I'm too tired =( Great job on the goodies, I bet your boys' classes will love them!

Angie said...

Thanks for these cute and easy ideas!

Michelle said...

Such cute ideas...very fun and festive!

The Hat Chick said...

Super cute! If you think you are busy now.....hold on lady! With your talents, you will be the first on everyone's volunteer recruitment list!

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