Monday, October 5, 2009

Deals and Steals...

I am gonna post the rest of my deals and steals that I found recently, even though I have not done anything with some of them yet. They are just to exciting not to share.

First up is this fantastic basket of sticks. I found it for $4 and just had to have it. I put it on my dining room table and added some moss covered rocks to the bottom of it for interest. Not a bad looking centerpiece for $4. (And because I know you are going to ask, the rocks are from TJ MAXX from several months ago. I think they were $5.)
Here it is straight from the yardsale:

Minus the raffia and add some rocks:
Total love! It goes so well with my indoor/outdoor rug that is under the table.

Next up, is this great old suitcase. It was marked $3 and I LOVED it. The inside is in great shape, and it still has the address stickers on the outside. Just out of curiosity I googled the name "A. Herenroth" and found an author to a book titled "Russians say it this way ... Ninety-nine Russian idiomatic expressions and their American equivalents" from 1945. Wouldn't it be so cool if this was his suitcase?

I also found a wonderful old antique wire basket for $3 and these jars for .25 cents each.

I hope you also had great luck at the yardsales and can't wait to see all those treasures!


Beverly @ The Buzz said...

Love the basket of sticks! My husband would think I was nuts if I brought it home, though. I've been looking for suitcases forever with no luck. You did great! I've posted my yard sale finds here:

BlueCastle said...

Awesome finds! Love those sticks - and the suitcase! :)

Stacie said...

Love the centerpiece and you can't beat $4 for that kind of height and drama. Good find!

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