Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crazy Connor...

I planned on posting something creative today, but I just could not pass up this opportunity to show how funny my life is with my little fireball. I am sure anyone that has more than one child can tell you that they are all so different. There is no better example than my 2 boys, and I think when Connor was born God broke the mold. He is an absolutely fearless,happy, inquisitive, hilarious, and stubborn little ball of energy. If Connor is awake he is going 100mph, and constantly into something.
Anyway, when we were at my parents house this week I was getting ready to put Connor to bed, and when I came downstairs to get him this is what I found...

My Dad (Poppy) was standing there watching Connor chowdown on Walker's left over spaghetti. Pop said he didn't see Con for a couple of minutes so he thought he better check on him. He found Connor belly up to the table. He was really enjoying it, so we just let him finish, but man oh man did he ever make a mess!

There is something to be said for the free entertainment that having kids provides. They truly are a constant joy.

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