Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today's Finds...

Today we took the boys to The Little Gym for the first time. WHAT FUN! Walker did not participate this go-round. He is my cautious one. He has to sit back and check everything out first. Connor on the other hand, jumped in head first and loved it!

Afterwards we went to Chickfilet for lunch, and then on to Target. This is a treat for me because we live 40 mins. away from all of these wonderful places.
Now I have been put on a serious budget since the real estate market has crashed, and we have 2 houses, and my husband sells real estate, and I work for a real estate magazine. BUT I have to splurge and get coffee when we go to Target. You see I have another addiction I am gonna let you in on. I. Love. Coffee. I drink it every single day. I drink it a few times a day. I love everything about it. (the way it tastes, smells, warms my hands, and warms my belly) My sister, man I love that girl, worsened this addiction when she bought me a Keurig.

This thing is sent from Heaven. The only downside is that you have to get the coffee for it at Target, or the internet, or some other fine establishment that sells their machines. So, since we were gonna be near a Target, I decided I needed to run in and get my coffee. Lucky for me, Walker wanted to get a couple of horses, so I got to pass the clearance aisle. I was so excited to find this:

I have been watching these for a while but did not want to pay $30 each for them. I got them for $6 a piece. I think they will go beautifully in my dining room. I will have to post pics of them actually hung later. I also got those 2 frames for $3 each. I love a good bargain, and since I got all this for a $20 bill, I figure even the hubby will be proud!

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