Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Picture Addict!

Okay, so I realize you probably don't know this about me yet, but I am a picture addict. If there is a 12-step program out there for this sort of thing I should probably enroll. I have one of those mom's that ALWAYS has a camera out. When I was growing up I was always peeved by it, but I really enjoy those crazy pics now. I NEVER thought I would be that same "camera-hanging-around-the-neck" mom, until I had kids. Now I am beginning to realize that I have become my mother (cue the twilight music!) SO... today I am posting about a set of shelves I had my father in law make to display some of them. This picture does not really show how large they are. The length on the bottom shelf is 6 feet, and the one on the top is 18 inches.

I am overrun with pictures and always dreaming up new ways to display them. These are some of my favorite beachy pics. Thought I would share because the shelves were so simple to make and they hold several of the pictures without looking cluttered.
I put this second picture up so you could see a little more detail in case any of you handy gals out there may attempt this. The one detail you can't see that is sort of crucial, is the groove in the wood that keeps the pictures from sliding off the shelf. I have no clue what the official name is, but it is similar to what you have on shelves in a china cabinet so you can stand your plates up. Clear as mud? I never claimed to be eloquent, just creative!
The other option for keeping my pictures in place was a small trim on the front of the shelf. I did not want a "lip" on the front of my shelves, but you may.
Let me know if you give it whirl. I'd love to see how they turned out for you.

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