Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Makeup On a Pig...

Ever heard the expression "You're just putting makeup on a pig?" Well that is exactly what I did to the boys bathroom in our new house. For those of you who don't know, we bought a new house 3 months ago and have done a lot of remodeling. As with most things, the renovations costed more than budgeted and everything could not be fixed at one time. My boys' bathroom is the one room that fell to the backburner. It is one of those bathrooms from the seventies with that fun mustard tile on the floors, walls, and counters. We did manage to make a few changes, hence the "makeup on the pig" comment. We could not change the pig, so we just made her look as pretty as possible with a little makeup. We changed the light fixtures, mirror, vanity top, sink, and fixtures. Since the tile is mustard yellow, I went for a primary color scheme with the decor and the little projects turned out cute.

I got these towels for $3 each at TJ MAXX, added the ribbons and had them embroidered.

I just bought frames and some scrapbooking stuff about brothers at Hobby Lobby for some inexpensive artwork.

I got this shower curtain at Wal-Mart and had it embroidered with the boys initials and added the ribbon and buttons. I think I am still gonna add another ribbon and some pompom trim. Don't want to make it too "girly", but I think I would like it more with more trim.

So there you go. Just another peek into how I spend my time.

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