Friday, January 2, 2009

I've Created a Monster...

It is official, I have created a monster. While I was home in TN this past week, I have had a great time visiting with old friends and family. One such friend is one of my best gal pals from middle and high school. Beth and I went to dinner one night and then we went back to her house to visit and look at some of the crafts she has been working on. Let me just tell you, she is AMAZING!! Beth can make anything, and her home is a real showplace. Of course I forgot my camera, and I had hopes of going back today to take a few pictures for you, but the roads are icy and I just don't want to risk it. However, when we were talking about all of our recent craft endeavors, I was telling her about my new love affair with tassels. Believe it or not, Beth, the Queen of Crafts, did not know how to tassel. This revelation of course called for a trip to Hobby Lobby, where we shopped to our hearts content and planned for Beth's first tassel. I had not planned very well, and had sent all of my craft supplies back home with Lon, so I got just enough to make my Mom a tassel. Beth, as expected took off tasseling like crazy. She has already made 3 tassels, and I am sure many more are on the horizon. Here are the little beauties we made at Mom's.

This one is mine. I just used an angel Chrismas ornament and tasseled on the bottom of it. My Mom just loved it. THANK GOODNESS, since I was making it for her!

This is a closeup of Beth's first little tassle. Is she amazing or what?

Not to mention this tassel is like 8 inches long. Absolutely gorgeous!

The pictures just don't do this little thing justice. I have since seen her other 2 creations, and let's just say she definitely has the WOW factor achieved.
**EDIT**For those of you who don't already tassel, a great tutorial was done by Heather. No need to improve perfection! I love the candle cup ones she does, and that is what Beth and I did on this post. **
On another note, I had promised to show a few of the crafts I finished for Christmas and did not post since they were gifts. Here are some things I see in my Christmas file:
Here is Mom's snowman tassel. She loved it!
My Grandma got this pillow. It says her last name and then, "Our family is like fudge... mostly sweet with a lot of NUTS!" You would need to know my family to realize how true this is.
This little pillow was for my Mother in Law. Her husband is a huge fisherman, so it says "One fine fisherman lives her with the catch of his life!" She loved it too.

I made so many gifts this Christmas, and at the end it was a mad rush. Some things I did not get pictures of, but the recipients liked them. 2009 I will be much more proactive in my crafting. I feel a resolutions post coming on!


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

All of your handmade gifts are lovely! Those pillows are great. Ok, how did your friend achieve an 8 in long tassell? Did she glue something to the bottom of the bird?

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

You're so crafty! Just loved seeing your projects. I'm dying to make myself some tassels. That birdie one is so great!

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