Thursday, September 10, 2009

Crazy Chickens...

Walker and his Nana have become obsessed over their chickens. While I must admit I love my never-ending supply of organic eggs, every time I turn around it is chicken this and chicken that. What started out as "a small chicken coop" at the riverhouse, has now grown into building an additional big new chicken coop at the farm. They have a book and have picked out all sorts of different chicken breeds they Their newest scheme has been to order eggs off the internet and put them under one of their hens so they can get the breeds they want but can't find around here. Who knew this was even possible? Hilarious I tell you, hilarious. Anyway, Nana and her hubby have been working non-stop on thier new coop at the farm. Now that it is finished, it was time to start getting some chickens for it.

This week's adventure was going to visit a little 80 year old man that Lon's Papa heard about who breeds chickens. He lives about 20 mins. away and we had not been to his place yet. It is always interesting going on the hunt for chickens. Typically they are not kept in the cleanest of environments. Well this time we were pleasantly surprised. "Duckman" as he is called was the sweetest thing. His biggest concern was whether we were Baptist or not. (Thank goodness that we are. We may not have gotten chickens otherwise! ) Here is Duckman giving Nana a rundown on what makes a good healthy chick.
We went there specifically to get Pearl Guineas,but were surprised to find he had lots of other things like swans, ducks, pigeons, and a ton of chickens. While it was fairly well kept, all those ducks smelled pretty bad, and Connor didn't hide his feelings about it.
Here is the dominant male swan that kept following us around. He was HUGE, and rather scary. Con-man was still recovering on the way home. Granted the new chickens were right behind him in a cage.

When we got back to the farm, Walker and Nana got the feed ready for the new guineas and chickens.
And then Walker's favorite part about having chickens, CHASING THEM! He catches one occasionally.
Here some small guineas are on the new perch Jerry made them.
We went for a ride on the Gator to check on the sheep and cows.

Connor thought he was gonna drive, but lucky for Mama he figured out otherwise.

The boys chased poor Bobby all over the place.

This is what Walker's dirty farm feet look like before they hit the tub.
And after a bath and supper with Nana and Jerry, this is my 2 sweet boys on the way home. I am so glad that Lon's family has a farm. I never appreciated the amount of work that it took to keep up a place like theirs. It is a constant job, and while I always considered myself a city gal, I have come to love the farm. I am so thankful the boys have a place they can run wild,learn about animals, and just enjoy nature, but you have never seen two dirtier boys than after a trip to the farm!


Stacie said...

I laughed so much reading this! I love guineas, but had never seen one until we moved her. And our county houses a chicken processing plant and tons of chicken farms--it took a while to adjust to the smell--the farmers say it smells like money to them! OK, and the Baptist thing? We love to eat fried chicken but that would make us the last group I would sell chickens to! Glad the boys are having so much fun!

Kelli said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I love the dirty feet and the sleeping boys. You can tell that had a great time.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

How fun!! I laughed about the Duckman's questioning if you are Baptists or not. :) So funny!

My in-laws have lots of chickens too, and I LOVE getting free eggs. They had guineas, but the guineas were so mean that they got rid of them....

Your boys are precious. :)

Carrie said...

What a fun day on the farm! No doubt, your boys love it. My favorite part was Duckman's concern over your religious affiliation. No, not if you are saved, but are you baptist?!

My father-in-law has a real-life poultry farm and my daughter hates, loathes, and is scared to death of chickens. We hope she will grow out of it, or at least not revolt over her baby chick Halloween costume this year (:

somecallmechristy said...

Wow! I am glad to hear that Walker is now occasionally catching a chicken...what does he do with it? I will never forget going to chase chickens at the river and the precious pics I have of my drama queen holding her nose!! Can't wait to visit again!

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