Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Productive Weekend...

We had a very productive and relaxing weekend at the river. Productive and relaxing are not often used in the same sentence, but that is truly the way it was. When we are at the river relaxation is mandatory, I mean look at this view off our back porch.

That is Mama working in our little pool. We swim here more than in this river canal. We have seen a couple gators there lately.
We dabbled on Saturday, which leads me to the productive part. My father in law Jerry was refinishing a $10 flea market bench for my mother in law, so I brought a couple of my projects over to have him help me. Jerry is a carpenter, and I soaked up everything he was saying like a little sponge.
We broke out my new sander, a flea market find a couple of weeks ago. It is $70 at Lowe's, but I got it brand new for $20. SCORE!
My chair was a steal at $5. Jerry had some extra wood and put me a seat on there. He then taught me about wood putty and I got busy sanding.

The boards were from the farm, and I had Jerry cut them for me so I could have them to do something with later. I am not sure what yet, but Connor helped me sand them and then said "I'm gonna build you a big house Momma." Well if my little man wants to use that salvaged board to start on a house for his momma so be it. Look at that filthy face!
Here is how Sandy's bench and my chair looked when we finished Saturday.

I have since added some more paint and a skirt that I made for it out of some fabric my fabulous sister gave me. I am in love with this little chair!
How was your weekend?


Kelli said...

Isn't it great to have people like that around to learn from. Your chair looks great and I love the bench. Relax and productive, I have those weekends often.

Girl with the Curlz said...

Your chair turned out wonderful! And so did the bench.

Stacie said...

Love the chair--black and white is always so elegant and girly, I think. And tell Connor that if your face ain't filthy, you ain't having fun!

somecallmechristy said...

Gators??? Now I am definitely not ever getting in the river ever!!! I was already worried about all that stuff and now you have confirmed it!!

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