Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best of the Week...

It has been a really busy week full of field trips, parties, and candy. Here are the highlights.

Sunday was Trunk or Treat at our church. Walker doesn't dress up. He hates costumes, so he sported his Halloween t-shirt. Con was Thomas the Train.
Walker's trip to the pumpkin patch was Monday, and Walker rode on a school bus for the first time. Oh the joys of childhood. I don't remember it being quite so bumpy. Walker was thrilled to be out of a booster seat. He rode a horse and picked a pumpkin, but he loved the mop races.

Walker's Halloween party was on Wednesday, and I made lots of goodies for his class. The witch's hands were a big hit!
Friday was Connor's class party and Trunk or Treat. He loves his teacher and all of his little friends he is making, but he has ANOTHER ear infection right now, so he wasn't in the best mood.
Friday night we went to the fair. Connor rode lots of things this year, but Walker was only interested in riding animals. Somehow I got roped into riding the camel with Walker. Oh the things we do for our kids. That poor camel earned his money that night!
Saturday my parents came to town, and Lonnie and Walker carved some pumpkins. Since Walker and Connor are the only grands on both sides, we had a lot of grandparents here to watch them trick or treat. We rode the golf cart around the neighborhood and they got gobs of candy. (Mom took all of the pictures on Halloween, so I will have to see about getting some for your viewing pleasure.)

I also can't do Best of the Week without mentioning a gift my boys got in the mail. We were totally surprised on Thursday when the mail man had a package for Walker and Connor. Imagine my surprise when it was from a fellow blogger!! Staci at Park Avenue and I have become fast friends via our blogs. (We even plan to attend Blissdom together this year!) She was so sweet to send the boys this little treat. They loved it all, but the bubble wrap paper was a HUGE hit. Thanks again Staci! Well that about wraps up my week. I hope you had a wonderful Halloween weekend. I am gonna go brew some coffee and start on a new book. A little down time will be a welcome change!


Stacie said...

Thanks for the shout out--glad the boys liked their surprise! And how come we didn't get a close up shot of you on that camel? You are braver than me, girl!

Kelli said...

How sweet. Aren't blog friends the coolest! And I love bubble wrap.

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