Monday, November 2, 2009

Seeking Disney Veterans and Bedtime Routines...

For years now, 4 to be exact, my in-laws have said they wanted to take Walker to Disney World for his 5th birthday. That will be July of 2010. Somehow planning the trip falls to me, but that is sure better than paying for it! Anywho, they really want to do it right and make a week of it (stay at one of the resorts, etc. ). I know nothing about Disney World. With a little research I have come to find that the sky is the limit as far as options are concerned. You can spend a lot or a little and there is SO MUCH TO DO. It is a little overwhelming for a Disney virgin like myself, so I am hoping for help from some of you seasoned Disney veterans.
For those of you who have been there, any advice about where to stay and what is not to be missed? The boys will be 5 and 3 when we go. Like I said, we are gonna make a week of it so we should have plenty of time. Walker LOVES animals and I know Sea World will be on the agenda, but other than that we are wide open. Any advice would be much appreciated so we can make this trip as wonderful as Walker expects it to be.

On another note, I just put Connor to bed, and I have decided that at 2 years old he has mastered the stalling technique. Every night his list of "must haves" before bed gets longer and longer. Typicallye he takes a flashlight, books, and a teddy bear. Tonight's list included: a flashlight, hard hat, books, pliers, screwdriver, monster trucks, safety goggles, and his Bob the Builder blanket.

I used to fight him on taking all this stuff to bed but decided all the tears right before bed were not worth it. I now let him take all the stuff, but tell him I will be back to check on him and if he is not asleep in a few minutes I will take it all away. He is typically asleep within the first 10 mins. so I don't have to follow through. Tonight when I checked on him this is what I found.
He has his flashlight propped up on his lap and he is hard at work on his monster truck.
I asked him what he was doing and he said, "fixing my truck Mom."

At least he is safe and wears goggles while working on machines.
Oh the joys of motherhood.


Susan B said...

Please cherish every second with those precious boys!! It seems just yesterday mine were that size and now poof they are grown.. Just love the pics of yours.. so adorable!
July is going to be MIGHTY hot in Mickey land but that is just me. It will be a good idea to stay on the property so you can go to the parks and back to rest.So much fun to be had.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Such a cutie!!! I def. recommend staying on property. One of Disney's "Pop" resorts (the cheapest ones) would be okay for a couple of nights, but for a week I'd recommend some place like Disney's Saratoga Springs, which borders Downtown Disney. Those are more like little apartments and you could fix your own meals. If you stay at a Disney resort, you have free transportation back and forth to all of the's great!!

Kelli said...

He is having a party in his bed. Too cute!

Anonymous said...

four weeks before you leave take the boys out for long walks, you will do alot of walking. Under no circumstance should you wear flip flops your feet will be in pain. If you buy new tennis shoes make sure you break them in weeks earlier. I also took a small backpack with small snacks like cereal bars that came in handy when we where standing in line and my kids said "mom I'm hungry", it held us over til we could get somewhere to eat. hope this helps.

Kelli said...

We have been 3 times with our children. IT is SOOOOOOOOOO fun! Definitely stay inside at one of the resorts. Dining plan? We felt it was too expensive and offered way too much food for us. Research, research, research is how you can save money and plan your days to get the most out of Disney. Good luck and we're already planning our next trip.
WE also "bought" a week from someone who was offering their timeshare. It was a great deal.

lovinsanta said...

We went and stayed at the Port Orleans Riverside and LOVED IT. It is mid range but so worth it, and has a boat that takes you to Downtown Disney which was so nice (no fighting the bus traffic and change of scenery). We rented the stroller for the week, and was some of the best money we spent. You can just pick one up at each place and they are awesome both kids fit in one. Don't try to over plan because the kids get tired. We didn't do many dinner reservations unless we were going to be at that park because you then spend your time running around, and depending on transportation to be there at a certain time is impossible. The websites above are great resources, and I highly recommend the Birnbaums Guide to Disney with Kids (any book store).

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh my gosh! What a cutie.... Have I ever painted on glass? I did years ago. So many years I think I was in grade school at art camp. It was a cat..hehe. I really dont remember what sort of paint I used but I will ask around and see if we can find out. Good luck with what you are working sounds pretty~

Heather L. said...

Oh I love the pictures of Connor! Too cute!!!

We love Disney and have been many times. My "dream" is to stay at the Grand Floridian - it's TDF gorgeous! But it's very pricey. We've only ever stayed at the Contemporary (years and years ago) and at the Old Key West Resort. Loved both. I definitely recommend staying on property. Also, we loved the meal plan and we've done that the last few times we've gone. We always get Park Hopper passes so we can go from park to park. Also, I highly recommend renting a double stroller there - you can keep all your stuff inside and of course it will hold tired boys very comfortably. As far as must sees, just make sure to see the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom one night. It's truly "magical!" If I think of anything else, I'll let you know!

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