Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend in Pictures...

We have had a super busy weekend and I thought I would post some of the pictures to show you what a Saturday is like around here.

We spent some time on the family farm. Walker LOVES his chickens at Nana's house. He takes his chicken raising duties very seriously. This is Yoda. (Where he comes up with these names I will never know. He's never seen Star Wars, but I guess he heard it somewhere.)

He was trying to teach Connor how to hold Yoda properly. Yoda is a full grown Bantam chicken, and surprisingly tame. Walker says they are gonna go on "Pet Star" and bring home the big prize once he teaches her some tricks.
This is Walker's new chicken pen. Inside is his Rhode Island Red. He named it Connor. Oh wait, that's his brother! HA!
Here is another reason they love the farm, all the dirt. I call these "Farm Feet". It takes soaking in the tub a long time to get all the dirt out from under those toenails!
We always end our farm visit with Con's favorite part, a long ride on the 4-wheelers and Gator. There is a dirt road right behind the farm.
And Walker gives you this face when he thinks you aren't going fast enough because you aren't in the front. Connor is only 2, but he thinks he is big enough to ride the big gas powered 4-wheelers. Here he is showing me a trick he's gonna do when he gets big. Oh how I dread those days!
And of course, we all need a long soak in the tub after a day on the farm! Here's proof that Con comes out squeaky clean!
On another note, have you ever heard of "Buzzard's Nose" or Stinkhorn mushrooms? Last week I noticed an odor in the front yard. It got progressively worse. By Saturday, I was just sure something had died in my flower bed. Then I discovered these:

They are the worst smelling thing I have ever encountered. Imagine wrotting meat times 20, ugh! They are evidently a mushroom, and after googling "stinky red mushroom" I found out they are called Stinkhorns. I had to dig a bunch of them out of the front yard, and while I did that, the boys made their own hayride of sorts.
It's amazing how fast this little tractor will go with a wagon behind it. Anyway, back to the stinkhorns, have you ever encountered them and what is the best way to treat them? I read online I could use Round-Up, but I really don't want to kill off all the grass. They are in a large area in the front yard. Any other suggestions?
I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am working on a few projects that I hope to have done tomorrow. The paint is drying as I type this! Be back soon!


Southern Queen Bee said...

The boys are so stinkin cute. Looks like a great time. I also had those mushrooms in my flower bed. What a way to keep the friends from coming over! They stink SO BAD. I thought something had died as well.

Anonymous said...

those are two cute and lucky little boys...getting to be outside playing like that is a rare thing these days...they will remember this forever! great memory making days...pb

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