Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chia Pets and Stomach Bugs...

Today was a sick day at our house. Walker has caught some sort of stomach bug, and was up most of the night, so I was dragging. It is days like this that I literally say "Hello Love" when I stagger here... This machine has forever changed my life and the coffee I drink. Right now I am on a Pumpkin Spice kick, but I drink several of their flavors and having it delivered right to my door is fantastic.
Okay, back to the subject at hand, since Walker was so sick, we went no where and the boys were in their jammies the whole day. What better time to do the Chia pets they got for Christmas?
I never had a Chia pet growing up, but when Santa saw a dinosaur Chia pet he knew Walker would love it. Santa was right. While the process of getting the seeds on them was a little messy, it was really simple and a great project for the boys. Now they are just driving me crazy wanting to know when they are gonna grow "hair".
I'll keep you posted on the Chia's progress. Walker is feeling much better now, and if everyone else can steer clear of the bug we will be very lucky. I feel like I am floating in a cloud of Lysol, but if it keeps the virus at bay a headache is a small price to pay.


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

I didn't even know they still made Chia Pets. That's hilarious! Hope ya'll feel better soon. I feel your pain. We're passing around strep throat at my house. Not fun...not fun at all. Btw, I LOVED your suggestion about the cotton for the jars. I saw that post yesterday and have since been racking my brain trying to think of somewhere I can find fresh beautiful cotton. Apparently, we don't have cotton fields around these parts. So sad! I'm still thinking on it though. Her jars were absolutely GORGEOUS filled with the stuff!

Positively Creative! said...

OOOHHHH I love those tassels, you'll have to do a tutorial on those...very beautiful! On my post, the fonts I used were Papyrus and Scriptina for the Hinckley quote, and on the bottom Jester. For the message Jester also. Got to for free cute fonts!

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