Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weight Watcher's Wednesday...

Welcome! It is Weight Watcher's Wednesday (Week 2) and I am thrilled to tell you I had another great week! I lost 4 more pounds for a running total of 10lbs. YEAH Weight Watchers! This past week was not quite as easy as the week before. We had a more regular week and ate dinner with Lon's grandparents a couple times, and while Mama is a wonderful cook, she is not one to skimp on calories or fat grams. We also had 2 birthdays which involve cake and other goodies. I just want to tell Toni, she is a dear friend but not a blogger yet, that the cupcakes from her kids' party were the best I have ever put in my mouth, and I have eaten a lot of cupcakes in my time. Probably why I am in this predicament now and back on WW!

Now on to something other than cupcakes, I am making real strides in turning this into a lifestyle change this time around. I have made some serious adjustments in the way I view this whole process. The old Mandi would have said, "With a week like this, I'm not gonna have a loss anyway, so I might as well eat what I want." Excuses excuses. Well atleast I am honest. Lon and I were discussing it the other night (at Cracker Barrell of all places). I told him I had a light bulb moment. It occurred to me that just because I had a cupcake (or 2) at a party, did not mean I should blow the whole week. It is all about moderation, right? Life is not something that you can plan every single meal or you will go crazy. Well this past week was a baby step in that direction.

The recipe this week is gonna be another chili. I promise to get away from chili next week, but it has been so "chilly" outside, and we have been so busy that I cook quick and easy as often as possible. This week I am gonna give you my chicken chili recipe. It is a little spicy, but DELISH!

White Chicken Chili

4 chicken breasts
2 cans of Rotel
2 packets of McCormick's White Chicken Chili spice
2 cans of Navy Beans (I used 15.5 oz. cans)

I buy chicken breasts in bulk at Costco and freeze them. If your chicken is not frozen, it should still work the same, just not have to cook as long. I put my chicken breasts and rotel in the crock pot on high until done (usually about 3 hours). When it is no longer pink in the center, I take 2 forks and shred the chicken. Add the rest of the ingredients to the crock pot and turn down to low. I let it simmer another hour or 2 and serve it with tortilla strips and fat free sour cream. I love this and it heats up great through the week!
You could probably add more veggies like corn or celery, but Lon is not a big fan of veggies so I have to cook to his preferences. I'm sure you could get much more creative than I do.

I take the whole crock pot and divide it evenly into 6 hearty servings at 5 points each. I put 4 of the servings in gladware bowls and in the fridge to eat later. It reheats great and is perfect for lunch through the week.

Next week I hope to start taking a picture every week of myself to see my own progress. I know you won't able to see a big difference week to week, but in a few months it will be fun to look back.
Any of my other blogging buddies on WW, did you have a good week?


Anonymous said...

way to have reached a great spot by realizing that one or two slip-ups doesn't spoil your whole week and celebrations are an important part of life....great job...ten pounds is lots! pb

C said...

I gained a pound back, but I haven't had a great week either. I find the weekends are hard to stick to plan. Congrats on your loss and your determination.

Susie Harris said...

You go girl!!! I started back to walking 30 minutes a day for the last week... nothing yet but Im still trying!

The Hamilton's said...

I NEED HELP! How does one that has done this longer need help...because I stink at it! You have figured so much out so fast, I am WAAAY behind! I can't get pictures to upload, I can't figure out how to make the button from I heart faces show up on my blog entry...I wanted to enter Jack's bathtub pic...what am I doing wrong?

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Hey girl! Congrats on TEN pounds! THat's so awesome! I'm so rooting for you! I really look forward to WW Wednesday. And so appreciate the recipes...though I'm not a huge chili fan. :) But, through this journey, I'm learning to try foods that I just havne't eaten or enjoyed before. Like olives. I've been craving black olives lately. And you couldn't get one of those things near me a few weeks ago.

WW has been pretty good this week. Trying to really get into eating my fruits and veggies. Struggeling with what to make for dinner though. I'm stuck in a pasta / chicken rut. I need to break free!

I don't have a scale so haven't been able to really measure any success except that I feel like I'm loosing. I can see my shoulders getting a bit smaller. My tummy a bit firmer. And yesterday I put on a pair of pants that had been really really tight. An embarrassing hi I don't wnat to wear you tight. And they zipped right up! I was so happy. Wearing them today in fact!

Keep up the good work!! So excited to hear about your progress.

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