Thursday, January 8, 2009

Haircut Anyone?

For those of you who don't know me personally, I am a licensed cosmetologist. I don't work in a salon right now because I am staying home with the boys, but I always end up cutting hair when I go anywhere with friends or family, and this weekend will be no different. I wanted to show you just how bad Con's hair is getting...
This is after his nap today. He is having a little snack in the kitchen.
I deal with this hair EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. He is gonna be one awesome rocker dude someday.

You know that old saying about how the shoemaker's kids have no shoes, well God blessed me with Con and his Crazy hair. I hope to work miracles on this little head while Nonnie is around to distract him as I whack some of this off.

We are heading to the ski slopes this weekend in NC for our annual trip to the mountains. We started going on this trip with Lon's Mom when we were in college and have gone every year since. It is so relaxing and a lot of fun. We rent a cabin slopeside, and kick back. We laugh at all the bad skiiers, marvel at the really good ones, and just hang out. While the skiiers do their thing, the rest of us play board/card games in the cabin. Walker says he wants to learn to ski this weekend. I wish he would, but Mr. Cautious is not a big fan of anything new. Plus he is only 3, so I really don't know what all they will let him do in one of those little classes. Lon is a great skiier, and is really excited about the prospect of teaching him. Chances are we'll be doing good to get him dressed and out the door (since he is not a big fan of jackets, or layered clothing, or boots, or hats, are you getting the picture?)
I hope your weekend plans are full of fun, family, and friends. I'll keep you posted on how ours turns out!

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Becky said...

I LOVE it! How cute is that hair? Hope you all had a blast in NC!

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