Thursday, January 15, 2009

Honk Honk!

Not to toot my own horn or anything, (HONK HONK) but I finally purged the toys in the family room today. Nana came over to get a haircut and somehow got wrangled into helping me for a couple hours. It was really unfair seeing as how she came baring gifts (she got me some beautiful ribbon to tassel with) but there is no better sucker than an unsuspecting one! Just joking, but we seriously did get a lot done and I have no doubt that helping me probably put her behind, but what are good mother-in-laws for? We ended up getting rid of 4 riding toys and 5 garbage bags full of goodies. Here is the proof. I moved those bags out to the garage and later this week I will have Lonnie take them to a Hispanic community we have here. Last time Sandy and I took them ourselves and it was rather sketchy, but they did seem glad to get them. I try to do this a couple times a year. It is amazing how fast toys and stuff can pile up. It was obviously overdue this time, and the influx of Christmas presents and Con's bday made it imperative.

As you can see no horses were sacrified in today's efforts to downsize. Nor were any dinosaurs, cars, balls, trains, animal figurines, the list could go on and on, but I am proud of my undercover abilities. It was a sneak attack. Nana distracted while I bagged. Poor kids never saw it coming.

After working so hard on the family room, I decided I needed to craft. Yes I said needed. I have been going through craft withdrawals since Christmas, but I have had so much other stuff to do, and have not really had a reason/person to craft for. Well today I had a reason, my new ribbon! I dragged out a bunch of stuff...

And in the end 3 tassels were born. They are beautiful, and useless, but I love them anyway. I used my new ribbons in this one, but they were too wide to run through the eyelet at the top so I have to get another ribbon for that at the store.
This little bird tassel is beautiful, but did not photograph too well. I still need to add an eyelit to her. I'm gonna have to get out the drill later to put it in.
I hope you had a wonderful and productive day too!


The Hamilton's said...

I love it! Very proud of your purging of toys! I got rid of some of Jack's last week, had them all piled up and he'd drag them out of the box/bag faster than I could put them in! He hadn't played with them in forever, and most of them were to "young" for him anyway...but for some reason, that day he wanted them! So glad you had help today! I'd say it would have been rough with 2 boys attacking you while you hold the garbage bags! I need to find your tutorial on the tassel's. I love them, not sure if I could accomplish them, but I'd love some rooster ones for my kitchen or other you've once again inspired me!

Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

You little sneak you! I do the covert ops too...usually when they're at school or asleep. Doesn't it feel liberating to get rid of all that STUFF?

Your tassels are GORG! Where oh where did your M.I.L. find that fabulous ribbon?

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Such pretty pretty tassels. I need to get my hands on a tassel. They really are so charming.

I've been behind in reading my favorite blogs so I'm off to read the rest of your posts. Take care Mandi!

Oh man, and did you see the previews for this weeks Desperate Housewives?? We will probably be traveling back home so I better get someone to tape it for me!

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