Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Next Hot Chef...

Well it is official, I am raising the next Hot Chef that America is gonna swoon over and love. We got out Walker's Easy Bake Oven (thanks Wewe) today for the first time, and he sported his cool new apron Nonnie got him for Christmas. Let me just say the child was in his element. You should have seen him tasting his batter and whipping up the icing for the cake. I am thinking maybe he will be the next Curtis Stone from Take Home Chef.

Here he is whipping up his recipe, you may have to squint to see it. Those Easy Bake packets are not very generous. Imagine making batter for a single cookie.

He is ready for battle in the kitchen with his spiffy new whisk.
I think it is just about right. Maybe a little more water.
Okay. It's PERFECT! Time to bake for 12 mins.
Let's ice this little beauty. TA DA!

Walker wouldn't eat his own cake. He called Nana and she agreed to come over and try it. Poor Nana. What won't grandparents do for their grandkids?

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Amy said...

Mandi... Thanks for playing along.. your letter is C... I know you have a little boy that starts with this letter, but let's "C" what else you can come up with! Oh... I got your lemonade award the other day...thank you and I will pass is on when I get back in town. I am not ignoring it, I appreciate it and will work it up next week!

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