Tuesday, November 11, 2008

After last night's party at Just A Girl, I was feeling the creative juices flow today. I didn't have everything I needed, but thought I would try to make a tassel anyway. I started going through my craft caddy and found some odds and ends to work with.
As you can see, I took an old candle cup, put a cork in it, and twisted a little eyelit in the top of the cork. The wine cork was the only thing I could find that would fit in the hole (where a candle is supposed to go.) Normally you would have the candle cup upside down, and the hole would not need to be filled but this candle cup was weird and had a hole on both ends. I will have to go to the store and get some normal candle cups for the others I am gonna make.

Next I fired up the glue gun and went to work.
It started out looking kind of like a hula girl, but after I kept adding layers, the hula look vanished.
And this is what it looked like towards the end. Like I said it was my first try at tassel making, but all things considered, I liked the way she turned out. So there you have it... one down and thousands to go. I can see how this would get addictive. It goes pretty fast and the sky is the limit.
Go make some tassels, and then come back and tell me how much fun you had!


The Hamilton's said...

very good! it's super cute and i'm super jealous of your craftiness!

edie+steve said...

Oh I so have to try this....I've never seen a tutorial before. Thanks!

Kim @ Cheap Chic Home said...

Hi I was clicking around from the Christmas tassel post. Thanks for sharing. I have a lot of odds and ends of trim that I have just not wanted to throw out. If/when I take the opportunity to do them, I'll get back to let you know. Thanks, Mandi

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