Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sock Monkey...

I am still crafting for my upcoming weekend. I have wanted to try making a sock monkey for quite a while now, and since I know a little monkey that just turned one, I figure a sock monkey will be a fabulous birthday gift. I started out making two, but decided to finish one and come back to the other later when I am feeling inspired. My coffee buzz has run out, hence the creative juices are not flowing as well either. Both boys are sick today with colds, so I am gonna snuggle them for a while. Here is the little beauty I have finished, and I will show you the other one when he is done later.
I started with these fluffy socks. I would not recommend this type of sock for your first sock monkey. It was a little hard to work with, but I was thinking soft for a baby.

I made the eyes with embroidery thread instead of buttons. Safer for babies, and since I know she is gonna LOVE it, I am thinking safety first.

I will have a hard time parting with this little cutie. I just love her profile.

I also finished my first I Spy Bag. I will definitely have to make another couple to make it "just right". The first one has a little too much rice so it is kind of hard to squish everything around and get to the animals. I will make the next one with poly beads to see if I like it better. I will say Walker loved it and thinks it is really cool to show us all the animals in it.

I will also have to tweak the list that I put on the back. It is hard to read on the stripes, so I will probably put it on white fabric and then sew it to the bag.

Well, there you have it. I will post more when I finish some more gifts.

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The Hamilton's said...

Oh I know another little monkey that would LOVE a sock monkey...bet you are thinking Jack huh...WRONG...ME! (Teasing of course) however, I love it and think it's stinkin' adorable and I'd love to hold onto it to sleep at night, only if I could get the 14 month old, the dog and husband out of the bed! (Teasing again~!) Hope your boys get to feeling better!

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