Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well today was an exceptionally productive day at the Nettles household. Lon had to work this morning, so I got a lot of housework done. Then this afternoon we got out in the yard and did a lot of badly needed yardwork. I raked the whole front yard...

(this is just the corner, but does it look good or what?!) I should have taken before pictures then you would really want to give me a pat on the back. Walker was such a good little helper he carried piles and piles of pinestraw to the flowerbeds as I raked.

I took down all of my Halloween decor, there wasn't that much, but I had to leave out this wooden pumpkin. I just love him and can't bear to put him away until Thanksgiving.

Lon helped me plant the 9 mums I had in pots. The only ones still potted are the 2 on the porch, and this one...

I had planned to cut back all of my sweet potato vine, but it is still so pretty. I think I am gonna have to let the frost get it before I have the heart to cut it back.

Well needless to say, after all this hard work we were all hot and deserved a treat. We heard the ice cream truck, yes I said ice cream truck, in the neighborhood and we were gonna get one but by the time we got finished the "Oh Susanna" had stopped playing. I guess he had moved on to another street. Bummer. Oh well, we loaded up and Mama treated us all to an ice cream at the convenience store around the corner.

Can you believe we took poor Connor anywhere looking like this? I was so embarressed! I told him he really did look like a red-headed stepchild, and his Nonnie would kill me when she found out I took him out like this. The worst part was that we were all about this dirty. Luckily we didn't see anyone we knew at the gas station.

At the end of our day we burned our brush in the yard and let the boys get even dirtier, if that's possible, and play outside a while. Here are a few more pics of them.

Now that is some air-time Con!

Walker trying to get Connor to let him catch him.

More dirt.

Walker lands on his knees. every. single. time.

Lon tickling the dirtiest boy on the block.
I hope everyone had as fun of a day as we did.

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