Monday, November 3, 2008

Chicks Here, There, and Everywhere...

In July, at Eli's birthday party, Sandy(Nana) revealed to me that she was gonna get the boys some chickens for their place at the river. Now you would have to know Nana to appreciate this gesture. She is a true animal lover, but she HATES chicken. Atleast that is what I always assumed. She does not eat chicken. She lives on a farm and has no chickens. She is one of the cleanest people you will ever meet. If you know anything about chickens, you know they are not so clean. Anyway, Aunt Kay (Sandy's best friend) got Eli(her grandson) some chicks for Easter and when Sandy saw how much Eli enjoyed them she decided the boys would love chickens too. She was now on a mission. Papa and Jerry built the chicken coop, Aunt Kay gave her a rooster(Cocky), and she talked Lon into goint with her and the boys to buy some chickens. She originally started out with 1 rooster and 4 chickens.

Cocky the rooster.

Well Nana was right. The boys love the chickens. They get in the coop and feed them. They chase them around. They really enjoy them. Walker clucks after them, you get the picture. It is hilarious!

Walker ready to feed the chickens.

Walker and Connor getting MORE feed.

About a month after she got the original chickens, a friend gave her 7 black chickens and a rooster. She had no intentions of letting the chickens make babies. She makes trips to the river every other day to collect eggs, but as you can imagine, nature took its course. Nana was not able to keep some of the eggs from being fertilized so she now has 39 eggs, hatching daily. 19 have been born so far, and 16 are happy and healthy.

Since their chicken coop is at the river, and Sandy and Jerry have a different primary residence, she had to bring the baby chicks home with her. Now imagine this if you will, Nana, the cleanest person alive, has 16 chicks and 2 chickens living in her house. Of course they are in cages, but I still get a serious chuckle out of this, and thought you would too.

Here are the black hens sitting on the eggs.

This would be Walker clucking.

Here are some fun pics of the boys and their chickens. More proof that grandchildren make you do crazy things.

Connor and one of the new babies.

Walker and "Scarlett". Where he gets these names I will never know.

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