Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Anyone need a child?

Okay, okay I'm joking. BUT, crazy Connor may be the death of me. It was a gross and rainy day out today, so we were inside the whole time. Walker loves a day at home so he can watch his movies and play with his animals. Connor, well Connor goes stir crazy. Today he was exceptionally mischievous.

First off, he did some more damage to my blind in the family room. I needed to get a new one last week after Walker got bored and broke some slats, but after Conman went to work on it I will be getting one much sooner.

Look carefully. He is peeping through at you.

Then he decided he would climb in my dryer. Yes I said in my dryer. I was folding laundry and Walker needed a drink, so I left it open and went to the fridge. When I came back, this is what I found.

During playdough time, he turned over my coffee. You want to talk about a mess. Multicolored playdough with coffee in it. YUCK! (This was obviously too gross to photograph.)

Finally, while I was cooking supper he got behind Fluffy's cage and gave it a good push. Just imagine a rabbit cage being dumped on your floor, while you are cooking. Needless to say, Fluffy had to wait until after dinner to get cleaned up.

That would be poor Fluffy scared to death in her purple house.
Well there you have it. Just another ordinary day in my life.

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Positively Creative! said...

OHMYGOODNESS...this is so what I am going through with my bellaboo...I am going crazy, that girl is into everything..I'm exhausted..seriously!!lol!!

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