Monday, November 24, 2008

Pigeon Forge...

We are back from our trip to the mountains, and while we had a wonderful time, it is always good to get home. It is just easier to be home... where things are childproofed... where everyone has their own bed...and we don't have a hot tub, so you don't have a little redhead just dying to "swim in the hot pool" all hours of the day and night!

Carson loved his motorcycles.
Carson and Addi both wanted to play in the faucet.
Walker on the infamous scooter.

Jen and Shannon came to visit with us, and Jack loved Walker's horses.

While the trip was short (next year we are gonna try to add another night) it was a fun-filled Saturday. We mostly let the kids play and hot tub, but of course we squeezed in some shopping, Bubba Gump's Shrimp, and a trolley ride to see the lights.

Walker did not like the hot tub with all the jets, so he stood inside and played through the window with the others. The other 3 are all water-rats!

All the gifts were a hit, especially the tutus. Carson got Connor a scooter that all the kids loved. The best part of all was the time we got to spend with all of our friends. We all live so far apart, that times likes these are a real treat.

Walker and Addi watching movies together. These 2 crack me up! They bicker like brother and sister, but are both so darn cute!

We went through a TON of capri-suns this weekend.

The 2 red-heads...Connor and Addi played a lot of air hockey, or they played on the air hockey table would be a more accurate description. They get along really well, she is so sweet to him.

Check out those moves. I think this is Sunshine, maybe pizza pie? I don't know. I just can't remember. Guess I better stick to dinosaurs.
This is what you get when you tell Addi to smile...

On Sunday, we checked out of our cabin and all headed our separate ways. The Nettles went to the Flying Horse for lunch. The boys loved riding their carousel while we waited for the food to come, genius concept in my opinion. We also checked out the Dinosaur Walk Museum. Walker was SCARED to death! That's what he kept telling us after the fact, "Mom, you scared me to def." It was really neat and he was super excited to go, he's just afraid of the dark. He says the next time we go he is not gonna be scared. We'll see.

Con and Lon on the carousel.
Walker loved this thing.
Okay, so maybe it was a little scary...

Poor thing...

All is well that ends well, and this truck made little Con man ooh and aaah for 10 mins.
We took the scenic route home through Cherokee and Maggie Valley. This was all new to me, but a really good time because I laughed most of that extra hour hearing Lon's stories about his family vacations as a kid. I could hear those stories 20 times and their funny factor never fades.
As you can tell we had a great weekend and I hope you did too. It is back to the daily grind for me. Lots to do around here to get ready for Thanksgiving, not to mention the laundry pile that is as tall as I am.


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

What a great weekend! I LOVE going to the mountains. and I'm with the kiddos on the whole hot tub thing...fabulous! Sounds like ya'll had an awesome time.

p.s. I think my laundry pile might just take over the whole house. I so don't want to do it. I think I'll put it off for a few more hours...or days.

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Hey Mandi! How are you? I thought I had bookmarked your site and realized that I hadn't. I saw your name on Just a Girl so I just had to come on over...and bookmark of course! Sounds like ya'll had a lot of fun on your trip! I've got a lot of posts to go catch up on reading. Hope you have a fantastic afternoon girl!! - Mandi

edie+steve said...

Glad you made it back Mandi......and here's to lots of baking before Thursday!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

Girl, I would so try and still do the AC Moore deal. I used to work there so I was talking up the customer service manager and all. They hardly realized it was a one day only fact, after reading the ad they at first thought it was a week long thing. Try to go to a new cashier...but be warned that bc it's priced so much under, it will call for a customer service manager approval. Hopefully the manager you get won't be too observant. I hope you get one!!

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