Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I should start out by saying my boys are very blessed. They have more healthy active grandparents than any other 2 kids I have ever met. As far as females are concerned, they have Nonnie, Nana, Mama, Grandma, Mamaw Russell, Mimi, and Gigi. Amazingly, the boys know all these people by name, so when Walker says "Nonnie" I know he is referring to my Mom.

Walker and Grandma Ligon.
Well last night when we were coming home from the fair, Walker started talking about "Grandma". By this he means my grandma, his great-grandmother that lives 9 hours away. He was telling us that he did not like to visit one of his great-aunts, but "I just want to see my grandma." "I love my grandmother." he would say. This is so funny to me, because he has only got to spend a precious few days with her in his whole life. I guess this is a perfect testimony to the fact that sometimes it is not the amount of time you spend with someone, but the quality of the time spent. He knows Grandma loves him and when he sees her she always acts like it is a huge deal, which makes him feel very special. I asked him a few minutes ago why he loved Grandma so much. He told me "Littlefoot's grandma loves him and my grandma loves me. She loves me very much." I told him he was right and she did love him very much. (For those of you who do not have small kids, Littlefoot is a dinosaur on The Land Before Time, he and his grandma are very close.)
He will get to see his Grandma Thanksgiving weekend, so in this special month when we all try to be thankful, I will send up a special prayer of thankfulness for Grandma and what she means to my little men.

Walker and Grandma his first Christmas.

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The Hamilton's said...

This one made me cry and miss my Nanny so. I'm so glad your boys have so many involved "GRANDParents"...there is nothing like them!

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