Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bee City...

My parents came to visit this weekend, and we had a lot of fun. The visit seemed too short, as usual, but it was packed with activities. Saturday we checked out place called Bee City. Walker loves the Bee Movie, and so we thought this little place would interest him. When we got there we found out all the bees were at the fair, (no bees at Bee City?) but they had a petting zoo that turned out to be great. Who would have guessed that a little petting zoo in rural South Carolina would have animals we had never heard of? You could buy food to feed them, and there was a lot of room for the boys to roam. Connor especially loved carrying his own cup of food around. He would give the animals handfuls here and there. He got really generous once, and dumped his whole cup in the goat's bucket. He pitched a fit over all his food being gone, so we had to purchase a couple refills for him.
Here Connor is crying with his empty cup!

This alpaca absolutely cracked me up!

Connor and his little buddy.

Walker was most fascinated by these cats that looked like cheetahs, the deer, and the male genetalia on this crazy monkey. It was blue and he thought that was very interesting. The things we discuss with kids, CRAZY!

Walker talking to the deer. It went something like this, "My name is Walker. Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. Come here to me deer." Etc. etc. The deer were completely uninterested in poor Walker and his food.

Con and the monkey (previously discussed.)

They also had a wooden train and some life size horse statues that the boys could climb on. We ate lunch at their cafe' and the food was wonderful. We all were glad we checked out this local attraction, and I have already promised the boys a return visit.

Connor at the wooden train. He loved this thing!

The boys on one of the horses.

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