Sunday, March 29, 2009

Best of the Week...

1. Watching the boys with their new baby bunnies, and the adventure we had getting them.

2. Beautiful spring afternoons outside with the boys and and a nice breeze.

3. Making a TO.Die.For. Weight Watchers Cobbler (I'll do the recipe on Weight Watchers Wednesday.)

4. Spending time with Nonnie, Pop, and Brittney (my sister in law). We had a wonderful weekend.

5. Going antiquing with Mom and Britt, and finding my antique ironing board for $7.50. It is solid wood and I love it!

6. Unplugging for 2 days and getting SO MUCH DONE! (Like finally sorting through 2 garbage bags full of magazines.)
7. Connor mastering driving his little 4-wheeler in the backyard.

8. The new movie BOLT, and watching it with the boys.
9. Lonnie bringing me a little "surprise" from Bath and Body Works when he came home Sunday.
10. Lon coming home everyday on his lunch break everyday. That extra little bit of time together makes a big difference in our family time.

11. Working puzzles with Walker. It is amazing how you can see the wheels turning in their little brains.

12. Poppy teaching Connor to "shave" just like him.
Hope your week was a great one!


Christy said...

Those pics of Connor shaving are just too cute!! I am glad you had a good weekend with the family. I hope this week is a great one!

Staci Griffey said...

Sounds like a fabulous week:)

The Smith Family said...

I am LOVING the spring weather too. I bet it is so beautiful where you live with all the trees and flowers. We are from North Carolina and my grandma will send pictures of all the springs blooms around her house. I just love it. I sure do miss the South. Hopefully we will be able to visit sometime soon.

Oh...and I love the pics of Connor learning how to shave :)

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