Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nana on a Mission...

Last Tuesday, our precious little rabbit Fluffy died. Walker fed her celery before he went to bed on Monday night and when he went to feed her Tuesday morning she was dead. Poor Walker was very upset. She was his bunny and he is a very sensitive child. I just explained to him that Fluffy was now in Heaven with the other animals and she was happy there.

By the end of the week, Walker was already asking for a new rabbit. His Nana told him she would get him one for Easter and mentioned that the Tractor Supply she had been to had spotted ones. Well that was all she wrote in Walker's book. He wanted a spotted bunny and nothing else would do. I called the local store and they said they had plenty of bunnies on Friday. Today we decided to go get Walker and Connor each one. Imagine our surprise when we got there and they only had 1 WHITE bunny, and we needed 2 SPOTTED bunnies. While the boys looked at the chicks and the ducks, Nana proceeded to ask the people when they would be getting more and who their supplier was. We were getting these boys a rabbit. We decided to drive on in to Charleston and check their Petsmart. No rabbits there either. We called all the Feed and Seeds in the area, and even put Lon on an internet search from work.

It was a long and tiring search in the rain and tons of traffic. I laughed out loud when Sandy told her husband that we may not be home that night because she was not returning without those boys' rabbits, even if it meant staying in a hotel.

I am proud to say that after 6 hours of searching and $200 (rabbits, food, gas, rabbit supplies, and small toys from every store we went in) we are home with 2 baby bunnies. Are the spotted? No. But are the boys happy? YES! They are thrilled. Walker picked out one that reminds me of a squirrel, and named it Sprinkles. Connor chose the little bunny that I would have picked. It is so cute and a mix of lots of colors. He named it Red, just like his hermit crab, also named Red. Creative, huh?

Walker has already begun to worry that these rabbits are gonna go live with Jesus while he is not watching. I explained to him that we will take good care of them and hopefully they will get to stay with us for a while.
When we were bringing them inside, Connor tripped in the driveway and skinned his forehead. He could not be bothered with letting me bandage it. Too much excitement with the new rabbits and all. (As you can see we are still working on the binky as well.)
The only concern we have left about today is that we have NO IDEA what sex these bunnies are. The guy at Tractor Supply said, and I quote, "I have no idea what they are. I could tell you on a horse or a cat or a dog, but you are on your own with the rabbits." Thanks bubba. Nana says the boys may end up with their spotted rabbits after all.

I'm so thankful for moments like these with my boys. They are growing up SO FAST and I like to think these are the types of things they will remember when they are older. Now, who wants a bunny in 6 months?


Christy said...

What a day! I am so glad that Walker is happy with a rabbit without spots...that is one determined nana they have! Did they get a baby chick too?

Stacie said...

That pic of Connor kissing that bunny is too sweet!

~Brown's Blessings~ said...

oh, sweet jesus! i cant wait to see these two bunnies going for ride on the roller coaster! i have never laughed so hard in my life. How old is conner? I'd love to get one for cade, or even get a chick. He is animal obsessed! however, he's 18mos and i'd worry for that poor animals safety. lol.. i'm guessing that next easter may be better for him.

~Brown's Blessings~ said...

ok, I really cannot stop laughing about your older post of the rabbit on the roller coaster!!!

Mandi said...

To answer the question about the boys' ages, Connor is 2 and Walker is 3 1/2. I got Walker his first rabbit when he was 2. They love them, but Connor has to be completely monitored when he is with one b/c he is way too rough. I still have all the responsibility like feeding and cleaning the cage, but the joy those rabbits bring the boys is worth it to me.

Jennifer Hamilton said...

How cute! What a great Nana they have!! I can't even imagine, but I know things like this is in our future too. Jack will probably be the same way when Tobie goes to heaven. I told Shannon the other day "no more dogs in the house after this one goes!" But I have already eaten my words because Jack absolutely loves her and hugs on her and they play so well when it's her time to head to heaven, I'm sure we'll have to find another 'dooog' for Jack!
Thanks for asking, Jack is doing much better now!

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

What a precious story! Those bunnies are adorable! Your kiddos are so lucky to have such an awesome Nana and mom who will travel all over to get them some bunnies.

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