Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best of the Week...

1. Watching the boys chase the sheep all over the farm. They were really good at herding them and it was HILARIOUS.
2. Seeing Playhouse Disney in Charleston with Nonnie and Pop.
3. Having Nonnie and Pop here for the weekend, even though they make the boys ROTTEN!
4. Losing .8 lbs. on WW.
5. Having my 100th post Giveaway, man I LOVE giveaways!
6. Watching the boys play together, and actually ENJOY IT!
7. Walker trying to teach Connor how to squirt water from his mouth in the tub.
8. Lon going grocery shopping for me, and getting every.single.item. on the list. Am I lucky or what?
9. Trying to teach Walker how to do a jumping jack.
10. Walker informed me there are "No cats in China." Evidently Papa says they eat them, and Walker believes him.
11. Getting an anatomy lesson from Walker that goes like this, "Boys have Peepees." Nana then says, "Well what do girls have?" Walker responds, "Girls have big boobies." Am I a good Mom or what? My children are so informed! :)
Hope you had a wonderful week too!


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

Ohmagoodness! your best of the week #11 seriously made my day. It's those little moments in life that truly reaffirm your parental skills! HILARIOUS!

The Smith Family said...

I agree, #11 totally made me laugh. I also think the pic of Walker squirting water at Connor is pretty dang cute and such a boy moment!

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