Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weight Watchers, Week 10

It is Weight Watchers Wednesday, Week 10 and I lost 1.1 lbs. for a running total of 20.5. I FINALLY reached 20 lbs. YEAH!! I am pleased I had a loss, but I am a little disappointed because I had a bigger loss yesterday morning when I weighed than this morning. My friend Christy (also on WW) tells me that it is because I have been doing so much exercise and my body is retaining water. Hopefully in the next week or 2 that will change and the scales will reflect it.

I have mixed up my exercising quite a bit. I started phase 2 of Hip Hop Abs. Go ahead, laugh if you must. But those of you that actually know me, especially from the college days (Jenn, can I get a Holla Back at ya?), know that this girl can shake her money maker. These days there is just a little more to shake than several years ago. ANYWAYS, it is a fun work out and really makes you sweat, especially if you use the hand weights. I am gonna start rotating between the Leslie Sansone 5 Mile Fat Burner (I usually only do 2 or 3 miles) and Hip Hop Abs. At this point exercise 4x a week is a must, and anything more than that is a bonus.
As for eating, I did really well this week staying within my points boundaries, BUT I did not eat nearly enough fruits or veggies. Yet another thing I need to work on.

The recipe this week is for Flat Out Bread Pizza that I have been making. I LOVE it and it is really low in points.
(The one pictured is only tomatoes and mushrooms.)

Flat Out Pizza, 3 points
1 Flat Out Bread (I use the Italian Herbs and Garlic, Light)

2 Tbs. of tomato sauce ( I use Ragu Traditional)

1/4 cup of Fat Free Mozzarella Cheese

Cooking Spray ( I Olive Oil Spray by Crisco)

Veggies of your choice (I use tomaotes, spinach, mushrooms, and bell peppers)
Pre-heat the oven to 350, put your Flat Out Bread on a cookie sheet and lightly spray with cooking spray. Bake your Flat Out Bread for 7 mins. Take it out of the oven and spread with the tomato sauce. Add the veggies of your choice, and top with shredded cheese. Place back in the oven for 10-13 mins. This is a 3 point Pizza, and very filling. I am a thin crust kind of gal, and this bread makes a really crispy crust. You could always add pepperoni or some other meat, but that will alter the point value.

I hope all my WWW buddies had a great week and I can't wait to hear about all your progress!


Bryce's momma said...

My sister is buying 5lb. bags of flour to represent each 5 pounds that she has lost. They are on top of her fridge to remind her. I love the idea. It gives you a sense of what you WERE carrying around too. Congrats! You have lost 4 bags of flour!

The Smith Family said...

That is funny. I had a bigger loss yesterday morning when I weighed in too. Don't worry, you are doing so good. I know you have to feel so much better. Good job for exercising. You rock girl..keep it up :)

Jennifer Hamilton said...

Fantastic!! Way to go Mandi! I'm so proud of you and you are still doing so great! P.S. I love the rice therapy bags below...they are so neat and what a great idea...I think they'd be great as "teacher gifts" at either the end of the year or Christmas, and maybe put them in a little basket with a smell good candle or something and a cute little note about how you know they "need their rest". What a great craft you've done again!

Staci Griffey said...

Yes,you can shake your money maker!!! Congrats on the weight loss, 20 lbs is a big mark!!

Christy said...

Twenty pounds is a huge achievement!! You go friend!! Keep up the dedication. Last week might be the only vacation I have ever went on and came home with a loss! I wish I would have tried the Hip Hop Abs while I was there. :)

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

20 pounds! Congrats girl! What a loss...and a great loss at that! Today I am picking up WW new cookbook...their 20 minute or less (or is it 15 minutes) cookbook. I'm anxious to try some of the recipes. We ordered Pizza Hut the other night...boy that wasn't the right choice but boy was it good! I love anything to do with pizza. I'm going to see if they have that Flat Out bread at my grocery store.

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