Sunday, February 22, 2009

Best of the Week...

A few weeks ago, I started doing gratitude posts on Sundays. Well that lasted all of about a couple weeks because I seem to have forgotten it. But, my friend Krista does this "Best of the Week" recap every Sunday on her blog. I am gonna join in on this and make it my gratitude/weekly highlight post on Sundays now, so here we go...

  • Having a mini-meltdown over being way too busy, which led to a long talk with Lon only to realize how blessed I am that he is my husband. Oh how I love that man.
  • Hitting 100 posts
  • Losing .5 lb on Weight Watcher's
  • Nana and Jerry getting a new horse and watching Walker get to ride it
  • Spending time on the family farm and watching the boys excitement from the simple things like slide down hay bales.
  • Chasing Walker and Connor around the yard after a ball
  • Working puzzles with Connor and being in AWE of how quickly he can learn something new
  • Catching up all of my laundry, and that is NO small feat.
  • Spending a playdate with the Pinckney's and laughing hysterically as Walker and Nicholas wrestle.
  • Being gone for the evening and returning home to find 2 happy boys because Dad helped them build a "campfire" in the backyard.
  • Long golf cart rides around the neighborhood with blankets and hot cocoa because it was really too cold to do that.


Anonymous said...

I love the first point...the mini meltdown and the hubby appreciation...I want to plan a trip to big town of Walterboro soon as I can get Juliana healthy for a couple weeks in a row. Addi would love to meet the new horse and it is past time for me to see the new house! Hope you have a great week. Love ya!

The Smith Family said...

I love it!! I think the golf cart rides sounds super fun!

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