Monday, February 2, 2009


I have a crazy cold right now. I mean a "this has to be more than just a cold" cold. I used an ENTIRE BOX of tissues by myself yesterday. The sneezing is insane, as is the leaky faucet a.k.a. nose on my face. But, for us moms, the world must go on. I will continue to sound like a man on the phone and keep taking my meds hoping to feel better. Until then, I will laugh out loud at my own interesting adventures.

Mama (Lon's grandma, I love her more than words can express) came over first thing this morning to "get some stuff done around here". This lady is such a hoot. Lon's Mom and I say she is the busiest person we know to not have a "real" job. She works circles around me, and had some projects in mind for my house. While we were working in the garage, I heard a lound thump against the window. I look over toward it and see this...

Yes that is a cardinal in my cat's litterbox. Where is Twinkers when you need her?

So Mama gives it a good check up, and decided it must just be stunned.

Walker said it forgot how to fly and tried to give it a quick lesson. Look at those arms flapping!

She sat it in her car floorboard, I still have no idea why she did this. It sat there for a while, and when she went to pick it back up it went to squawking and trying to fly. She managed to catch it and put it in the backyard, where it decided it could fly afterall.

A couple hours later my girlfriend was over and I was showing her some fake birds and stuff for tasseling when I went to pick up what I thought was a fake bird, only to realize it was a REAL BIRD that had hit the window and died this morning. Guess the other cardinal was looking for its Mama. Crazy birds! They about gave me a heart attack!

The only other thing of much interest would be Walker here...

picking up pine cones in our neighbor's yard with his new wheel barrell Mama got him. Yes he is still in his pj's, and no I do not see anything wrong with that. Our neighbor was just glad to have the help. This is one of the crazy pine cones next to my size 9 croc. It is bigger than my foot. We picked up 82 of these out of our yard last week. If anyone needs HUGE pine cones for crafting, I'm your go to girl.
And where was Connor during all this excitement you ask? Playing in the dirt, in his pj's, with his mismatched shoes that he put on himself. Would you expect any less?

Was your Monday an eventful one?


Jennifer Hamilton said...

Sorry you are sick! There isn't anything worse than being sick while having to be Mommy too! But luckily those hugs and kisses make you feel better!

Jennifer Hamilton said...

P.S. I tagged you again in my latest blog!

edie said...

My Monday was eventful and I'm trying to forget about it. I woke up with a 'cold' or something this morning. ARGhhh! I feel you pain.

Anonymous said...

you are so lucky to have MaMa...wish I had one in my life to share with....she's pretty lucky too to have you and yours! pb

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