Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I'm Going Y'all...

For all of you bloggers out there, I just bet you think I am talking about Blissdom, don't you? I even went and stole this little button. Well, GOTCHA! The funny thing is, I'm going to Nashville, or really close to it, this weekend to visit family. I had this weekend planned forever now, and just realized, literally yesterday, that Blissdom is this weekend. I am so jealous I can hardly see straight, but atleast I will get to spend some time with my sister and the rest of my wonderful family. I will have to wait until next week when everyone gets home and blogs about all the fun they had and new stuff they learned to live vicariously.
Until then, since I will be gone I will probably not get to blog a lot. I will have lots of updates when I get back and I hope you have a fabulous weekend whether you are at Blissdom or just chillin' at home!


Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

When I saw the logo and the title of your purse I just wanted to scream "Pack me in your suitcase!" Wouldn't it be so fun to go? If it hadn't been stinken' the beginning of Febraury...and perhaps a couple months down the line, I would have stood more of a chance of going. I think I could have pulled the 'you got to go to England' card with my hubby and it just may have worked. :o) I do so hope you have a great time in TN! And I am so loving the header! Did you do it yourself??

Anonymous said...

hope ya'll have fun! pb

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