Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Crafts and Snacks...

Nothing like having craft time and snack time together. It makes for double the mess and double the fun! I bought the boys these foam sunglasses at Micheal's forever ago, and we decorated the 2 pairs here when we were at Nonnie and Pop's house in the fall. (Excuse the jammies and dirty faces. It's just how we roll around here.)

We had 2 more pairs and when the boys wanted to make something yesterday, I got them out. Well needless to say, after they played with them, ate some cheese puffs and a popsicle, and I snapped a few pictures, they were ready to do something else. I put the glasses back up and cleaned up the foam stickers for another day.

Is it just me, or does Connor have an uncanny resemblance to Elton John in this picture?


Bryce's momma said...

Hilarious again! Don't apologize for the pjs here. We wear our "Js" all day at our house most days. What other benefit could be so great to your mom staying at home? My son is still wearing his Christmas pjs. Most of my posted photos are in jammies. I agree, I think that you might have an Elton for sure. You are gonna have way too many funny photos for future girlfriends. lol

Anonymous said...

they are so cute...and yes, Elton John for sure...what's up w/ww today? pb

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