Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanks Hat Chick!

As I'm sure you remember I took part in the Craft It Forward game that Tricia @ Craft Addict did. It was oh so fun, and I got another craft in the mail yesterday. The Hat Chick made me the most adorable craft apron ever! Now I'm sure that it could be used in the kitchen too, but it is PERFECT for my crafting needs with the little pockets and all. Seeing as how my camera battery just died, I will spare you a modeling shot. Here it is yesterday when I got it:
Look at that chocolate striped ribbon! Don't you just LOVE it?

I am gonna show you a picture of The Hat Chick wearing hers. She is so darn pretty, it looks great on her! Mine is a different print, but the same style and I could not be more pleased.
Thanks again Hat Chick! I had so much fun and I really appreciate the sweet card. So glad we have become bloggy friends!

1 comment:

The Hat Chick said...

Little behind on blogs - How sweet ARE you? Thanks for posting me and sweet Skibbie on your site. I am glad you are enjoying the apron. And you look FAB! What is your skin care secret?

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